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Developmental Evaluation - Essay Example

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It helps the researcher explore the individuals personality traits and characteristics that supports in respect of his emotional…
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Developmental Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages Researches have been conducted and theories have been articulated to assess and evaluate the cognitive, motivational and mental development of individuals. The same has been estimated by conducting a research on the individual under study.
Based on the method of participant observation, the present study focuses on Mr. Andrew, an individual under study, hereinafter will be called as subject. The subject is an old man of ninety seven years having short height and thin body with weight only fifty two kg. He maintains grey hair as well as wrinkled countenance and hands; even then he enjoys sound health, and undergoes no impediment or physical difficulty while moving from one place to another. Further, there is no disability in his vocal, visual or aural fitness even at such an old age. He can easily understand the words delivered by others while interacting with him. In the same way, he can easily communicate his message to others without any complexity or intricacy. Thus, he is an individual full of energy and passion.
The observation starts right from the subjects meeting with the members of his family and friends who have called on his residence at some special occasion. It took three and half hours during the whole course of observation. The subject has been living with one of his sons and grand-children, but is not in very good terms with them with whom he has been staying. It is therefore he looks at ease while communicating with his other children and grandchildren, who have not been living with him and have arrived just to see him and wish him on fathers day. His behavior while interacting with the guests presents him as a jovial, genial and amiable fellow, though his being reserved with the members living in his residence depict his dual personality.
It is a pleasant evening of March, when the subject welcomes his children and grand-children at his house. He is seen sitting on a sofa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Developmental Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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