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Play with Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Abigil Adams - Essay Example

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Having traveled back in time, our Moderator is seated at a table with Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton and Abigail Adams conducting a round table discussion on America, past and present events. Seated in the audience are people of the era, and other time travelers.
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Play with Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Abigil Adams
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"Play with Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Abigil Adams"

Download file to see previous pages At any rate, I am an American, as are many of you.
We’re here today talk about America, world events, and to get the impressions and thoughts and ideas of people who are historically significant to America. On my right, is one of those historically significant people, Samuel Adams.
Thank you, and thank ye all for that warm welcome. I am humbled. And knowing what I do about modern day round tables, I have to admit that I was just a little bit reluctant to be here, but I have reconciled myself that it is a good thing. A necessary thing.
Thank you, Mr. Adams. We are all certainly glad for your decision to be here. Seated to my left is the former First Lady, Abigail Adams, wife of the second president of the United States, John Adams. Mrs. Adams, welcome, and I want to thank you for agreeing to be here today. Mrs. Adams, you’re probably even better known for your writing of letters during the American Revolutionary War; they stand out as both great writing in American history, and as one of the earliest collection of thoughts on women’s rights. And we’ll talk with you a little more about that in a few minutes here. But, again, thank you for joining us.
And seated in the middle, between Mrs. Adams and Mr. Adams, is Alexander Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton might best be known for his duel with Aaron Burr, during which he was mortally wounded; but before that, he served with the Continental Congress militia under General George Washington, and later served in the president’s cabinet. An accomplished lawyer, and a signature on the United States Constitution. Welcome, Mr. Hamilton.
Not a chance, haven’t you heard, you’re emancipated? Good Gawd, woman, have you seen what they’re wearing these days? There you sit buttoned up to the neck, and you was the one that started all this stuff. Are you a material girl?
That’s untrue, Alex. I advocated for women’s rights, not women’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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