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John Adams - Essay Example

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[Instructor Name] John Adams and Abigail Adams John Adams was the second president of United States who made efforts in the revolution. It will not be incorrect to state that he was one of the most important personalities among founding fathers of United States…
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John Adams
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John Adams

Download file to see previous pages... This is evident from the contributions made by Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams. John Adams and Abigail Adams, as a couple, have been researches upon in the past because of their tremendous duo performance in the revolution. Those who may consider John Adams to be more supportive of the American Revolution need to understand that Abigail has also played the similar role as her husband. The relationship between John and Abigail is considered to be very strong because they had similar outlook of life. They both understood the need of democracy in America for which they had to counter monarchy system (Adams). The great relationship between John Adams and Abigail Adams has been well addressed by Jeff Shaara in his book “Rise to Rebellion". He has summed up the relationship of John Adams and Abigail Adams in a very bright picture. He has mentioned in his book that John Adams and Abigail Adams were sharing same viewpoints. They both thought that slavery was not the future of American nation. They knew that the American nation had a lot of potential for which they needed their rights to practice (McCullough). It will not be incorrect to mention that the charisma which must have drawn John Adams to Abigail Adams was her strong standing of political ideology. Abigail was a very strong lady who was able to express her views to politicians confidently and with the usage of correct words for delivery of her ideas. John and Abigail were proven to be a very strong team working as a single unit in the shape of marriage. Both of them have been living apart from each other but they were still in contact with each other. It is an evident fact that relationship become vulnerable when they are not able to communicate with each other. The example of John and Abigail relationship should be used for understanding the strength of relationship (Sloan). When John was away from home, Abigail was writing letters to him and other founding fathers of the revolution in order to keep them morale high and understand the development marked in the timeline. It is interesting to note here that the reason behind John staying away from his family was due to the role of diplomacy that he had to play in the European region. At the same time, Abigail was involved in communicating with nation to make them powerful and nationalistic about their motives. In this course, Abigail proved herself as a very good mother who nurtured her kids in the best way (Waldstreicher). Abigail Adams has also gone through a number of threats from the courts because of her ideological practices. But she did not feel fearful and rather tackled the situation herself. This was the uniqueness of Abigail that helped both of them to become one of the most desirable couple in American history. Other than their political life, John Adams and Abigail Adams really liked each other. The letters that was shared by both of them showed that they were greatly connected to each other. They had stronger trust on each other and often considered each other to be the sole reason for their complete life. The separation of eighteen years rather increased their love for each other. This is quite different from the love stories that we witness in the present era. It has often been noted that separation for many years ultimately leads to divorce rates. In the case of John Adams and Abigail Adams, love bloomed since teenage. Among several other qualities that were admired by John in Abigail, her intellect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Other than the obvious (Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and Adams) which American political or military leader do you think had
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John Adams
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