Comparing and contrasting the marriages of John and Margaret Winthrop and John and Abigail (Portia) Adams - Essay Example

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Whereas it is oftentimes temping to group early American settlers and colonists into convenient labels and stereotypes, the fact of the matter is that the differential between the early colonials and settlers was much greater than one might at first expect…
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Comparing and contrasting the marriages of John and Margaret Winthrop and John and Abigail (Portia) Adams
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Extract of sample "Comparing and contrasting the marriages of John and Margaret Winthrop and John and Abigail (Portia) Adams"

Download file to see previous pages From the analysis that will be performed, it will be plainly obvious to the reader that even though these couples were relatively closely related, in terms of their historical life span and the fact that they both had strong relationships with their spouses, the nature of these relationships were quite dissimilar from one another. Ultimately, the only similarity that can be noted is with respect to the fact that both Abigail and John Adams as well as Margaret and John Winthrop experienced an unbelievably close and intimate relationship in which they shared a litany of their innermost thoughts, fears, longings, and goals. Firstly, with regards to a level contract, it can quickly be, even a cursory level of analysis, that Abigail and John Adams shared an unbelievably close relationship that was tamed with elements of mutual intellectual stimulation, political thought, humanistic interpretations of philosophy, and a litany of other hopes, dreams, and aspirations. As such, the relationship that John and Abigail Adams shared was very much as strong as the relationship of Margaret and John Winthrop shared; however, the key differential was with regards the range and depth of topics that these two discussed within their letters. Whereas one particular letter may be concentric upon focusing on the health concerns that John and Abigail had at any particular time in their life, this discussion could easily segue into religious, philosophical, or political discussions with regards to the way in which the nascent Republic was growing. By means of comparison the relationship that Margaret and John Winthrop shared, as exhibited throughout their letters, was less expansive as compared to John and Abigail Adams. This should not be understood to mean that the relationship that Margaret and John Winthrop illustrated within their letters was somehow less fulfilling or less close than that which has been described between John and Abigail Adams. Rather, the key differential that can be noted is with respect to the fact that Margaret and John Winthrop’s letters are almost exclusively formulated around a very rigid interpretation of religion and the means through which an Almighty power governs each and every aspect of life; no matter how negligible or no matter how seemingly trivial such an aspect might be. Whereas it is true that different topics besides religion are discussed, a return to religious the means and a focus upon the fact that no matter which alternative, the variant, or decision is brought about in the fullness of time, the Almighty will ensure His will is done. This of course begs the reader to question why Margaret and John Winthrop e’sxpended such a great deal of time and ink discussing the issues that they had. If indeed it were true that their faith was so strong that they placed any and all of their concerns into the divine hands of an Almighty God, one wonders why it was necessary to continually reference these issues and ultimately end the conversation with a representation of the fact that God was in control and the only thing that they need to do about it was submit their will to him and pray. What can be understood with regards to the differential between these two relationships has to do with the dynamics of how they were formed. Whereas Abigail and John relied upon each other as a function of determining which course of action was best and how they should proceed and consider key situations within their lives, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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