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People developed various physical security systems from time to time to guard their valuables. Some of the common physical security measures taken by the people includes storing valuables under lock and…
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Physical Security Principles Paper
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Download file to see previous pages he physical security market in US alone is more than $120 billion alone and with the changing global living ways the market is expected to grow 8 percent annually by the year 2010. (“The rise of physical security information management”, 2007) The traditional physical security systems such as human surveillance and locks and boundaries are being integrated with the modern IT systems. The modern IT physical security measures such as video surveillance/ closed circuit TV, token based access control systems are becoming much more popular and even small businesses are using these systems.
The present research paper deals with some of the traditional physical security system such as building and ground security, access control system and perimeter security. The principles behind these security systems have also been discussed. Some of the possible future physical securities systems have also been covered up.
The principle of the building and ground security is to stop the intruder from entering the ground or building area where the intruder can take away or damage the valuables. By the available means, we have to stop the intruder outside the ground or building and at the same time the authorized person or employee should not be de-motivated by the procedure.
The traditional method of protecting a building and ground varies and mainly depends on the location of property, its construction and contents inside it, and the crime risk in that particular area and the best physical protection method should be addressed during its construction. (“Business Crime – Building security”, 2007) The intruders can gain access of the contents of the building through various areas and a well-designed and foolproof construction is best protection method.
Further in addition to the strong building walls, doors and windows, we must also ensure that we use the best quality of locks. Digital and electronics locks are more appropriate, but door codes should be frequently changed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Physical Security Principles Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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