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Security Solutions for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Including the Development of IDS - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Security Solutions for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Including the Development of IDS" states that mobile ad hoc networks have the capability to establish networks on the air in possible harsh situations where is not possible to set-up customary network arrangements. …
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Security Solutions for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Including the Development of IDS
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Extract of sample "Security Solutions for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Including the Development of IDS"

Download file to see previous pages The diverse issues obviously formulate a situation for developing multi-fence safety answers that attain both wide security as well as enviable network performance (Yang, Luo, Ye, lLu, & Zhang, 2004) and (Nash, 2000). This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of mobile ad hoc security issues and offers security solutions for MANETs (mobile ad-hoc networks) including the development of IDS (Intrusion Detections System). This paper is aimed at assessing some of the main aspects of the MANETs (mobile ad-hoc networks) technology and possible security issues. This paper also suggests state-of-the-art security solutions in addition to mitigation actions those can be adapted to formulate better security of wireless communication systems.
As the significance of network and computer communication technologies in our everyday life augments it as well poses new requirements for connectivity. However, the traditional wired technology and communication solutions have been there for an extensive era but there is increasing need of operational and working wireless systems and solutions in all the areas of life such as study, using the internet, sending E-mail messages, altering data and information in a convention and so on. However, there exist diverse solutions regarding technology systems to fulfill these requirements. In this scenario, a solution could be wireless LAN that is designed on the basis of IEEE 802.11 standard. On the other hand, there is increasing need or demand for connectivity in circumstances where there is no backbone link or else base station accessible, for instance when two or additional Personal Digital Assistants require to be linked (Rashmi, 2008).
MANETs (Mobile ad hoc networks) have intrinsically come up with diverse characteristics as compared to the conventional wired arrangement. However, mobile ad hoc networks have attained considerably growing attention, somewhat due to the possible establishment of the Mobile ad hoc networks for countless purposes.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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