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What does Doris Lessing mean by the title of her chapter, Group Minds Explain in your own words in a paragraph first; then reference the article. Select a film - Essay Example

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She therefore adds a crucial line: “The fact is that we all live our lives in groups…Very few people indeed are happy as…
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What does Doris Lessing mean by the title of her chapter, Group Minds Explain in your own words in a paragraph first; then reference the article. Select a film
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Extract of sample "What does Doris Lessing mean by the title of her chapter, Group Minds Explain in your own words in a paragraph first; then reference the article. Select a film"

Download file to see previous pages The subjectivity thus becomes an internalized version of something that dictates our being, be it through commercialization of gender biases or fixating stereotypes and archetypal ideas (blonde-haired women are dumb, fashionable gay man, notions of beauty, etc.). Hence, she highlights that “what is dangerous is not the belonging to a group or groups but not understanding the social laws that govern groups and govern us” (pp 50). Thus, ignorance makes us more gullible and more malleable and makes us helpless against all such invisible forces. The film, ‘Good Will Hunting’ as a realistic specimen of a young man’s struggle with a cornucopia of “expectations” that immediately tries to suck him into a world of performance and group joining politics. This not only threatens his apparent invisibility, and comfort beyond the social gaze, but also makes him realize the utter uselessness of conforming to social orders and institutional snobbery. However, Will escapes all such predicament.
Manipulation, spontaneous obedience, group mentality and responding to social circumstances, as if they were psychological realities or unconsciously imbibing them to limit our intellectual and cognitive ability is what concerns Doris Lessing in “Group Minds”. Parallely, if we consider Foucaults argument in “Discipline and Punish”1 where he argues that discipline creates "docile bodies", ideal for making human beings respond fittingly to the scenario be it new economics, politics and warfare or the modern industrial age, is similar to what Lessing says in her essay. These bodies must be trained to function well in factories, ordered military regiments, and school classrooms. This theory is comparable to Lessing’s idea too, since Foucault seem to bring out the concept of an invisible force that gazes without been gazed at and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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