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A 3,000 word individual on the travel sector - Essay Example

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People have always enjoyed going from place to place seeing people and places. It provides an experience of the world and calls into action and practical use of various qualities of mind. Tact, firmness, engaging…
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A 3,000 word individual essay on the travel sector
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"A 3,000 word individual on the travel sector"

Download file to see previous pages Tourism is, however, not a phenomenon. Only it has made new strides. People have been undertaking hazardous journeys for thousands of years either on pilgrimage or in quest of new lands and ideas.
Tourism today is a movement which not only gears up several other industries but also creates new employment opportunities. Tourism comprises the activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes. Apart from being major foreign exchange earner, tourism helps in promoting human understanding and cultural exchange.
The coming decades are a crucial time for the relationship between travel and tourism and sustainable development. The need to preserve the worlds inherent assets for future generations is becoming an imperative goal not only for travel and tourism, but also for all other industries that use the earths natural resources. The scale of travel and tourisms contribution to the global economy and its potential for enabling sustainable development are becoming more evident for governments, non-governmental organizations and industry alike. The development of tourism has been characterized by continuing geographical spread and diversification of tourist destinations. Travel and tourism, if utilized effectively, can be a force for positive growth and economic success for both developed and developing countries.
The travel and tourism industry simultaneously thrives upon this trend and is threatened by it. Tourism products and services that demonstrate ‘greater sensitivity to the environment, traditional culture and local people at the destinations can create such an experience, whereas tourism in a context of uncontrolled growth which puts increasing pressure on the natural, cultural and socioeconomic environment, risks diminishing the visitor’s experience. In short, increased market demand for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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