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What Globalisation Means - Essay Example

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This paper talk about globalisation and its main points.Globalisation is a subject that has encouraged widespread discussion. Affecting all nations in the 21st century, it has an overwhelming impact on the economies, social life, culture, traditions, and technological component…
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What Globalisation Means
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Download file to see previous pages This paper stresses that globalisation and the initiation of new technologies have significantly changed the way business, government and society are organized. One of the key driving forces behind these changes is a new business model. Manufacturing technology, which began during the industrial revolution, making mass production possible; Transportation technology, like railways, motor transport, steam shipping and aeroplanes, allowing the movement of people, materials and finished products from country to country and continent to continent more quickly and cheaply; Information and communications technology, like the telephone, computers, the internet, satellite television, which have together contributed to both the globalisation of markets and the global co-ordination of worldwide business activities; all these contribute to the rapid pace of globalisation.
This article makes a conclusion that major investments are being made by U.S. and European businesses, recognising the advantages of establishing offshore facilities that would complement their operations and production. Many businesses have resorted to interfirm cooperation to streamline and increase the efficiency in their respective operations. Interfirm cooperation is evident in research and development which allows firms to benefit from lower costs and high quality knowledge-based workers while the host country gains from technology transfer, acquiring new technologies and information from research and development efforts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Globalisation Means Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words.
“What Globalisation Means Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words”, n.d.
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Globalisation an independent organisation involved in improving the worlds business, academic and political environments. Both the organisations through series of debate and negotiations with member countries have achieved milestones which seemed impossible at one stage (Macdonald, 1997). The anti-globalisation groups have potential in their arguments as well. The fear put forward is that economies deprived of resources are not actually able to operate properly with other developed economies. The pressure that will be faced of excessive competition when economies connect will wash away local small challengers. This means that there is a possibility that local goods manufacturers or services providers will drift...
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...States and the Soviet Union, with their supporter countries. And when this was dissolved, with the collapse of the Berlin Wall known as the Iron Curtain, the world seemed dominated with a one-bloc system with a single marketplace. (Eriksen 2007, p. 4) Meaning and concept Globalisation refers to economic consolidation through liberalisation of policies leading to an open economy (Van Der Bly 2005, p. 875). An important characteristic is the interconnectedness of people and openness of nation states. This is enhanced by technology and the Internet, with emails and websites becoming so popular, and everyone can connect and communicate with anyone in any part of the world for as long as there is a computer...
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...Introduction – definition of globalization Globalization according to Frankel (2006) means integration through international trade of markets in goods and services, financial integration through international trade in assets, foreign direct investment, international outsourcing of services and international movement of people. Economic globalization is one of the most powerful sources to have shaped the post-war world and the two major drivers behind globalization are reduced costs in transport and communication in the private sector and reduced policy barriers to trade and investment on the part of the public sector. Lee & Tai (2006) too agree that liberal trade policies, incentives, growing foreign direct investment...
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...Globalisation Globalisation Introduction: Defining globalisation The term globalisation is used both as a as well as a prescription. In descriptive way, it is used to mean the ‘process of integration into the world economy’ and in its prescriptive way, it is used to mean ‘strategy of development based on rapid integration with the world economy’ (Nayyar, 2006). Hence we are faced with either a process or a strategy, and they are not the same. Trade, investment, finance and labour are the important elements of world economy. Globalisation is the expansion of these economic activities across national boundaries. This would require that the nations concerned should open their markets for international trade, international investment... ,...
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...Globalisation Today Table of Contents Summary 3 Issues 3 Background 3 Emerging concept of globalization 4 Globalisation today 4 Main trends in globalisation which have influenced international marketing 5 Globalization today 5 Conclusion and Recommendations 7 Reference List 8 Additional Reading 10 Subject: Globalisation today: What it is and what it means for international marketing Summary Globalisation has brought many changes in the international business environment and has also influenced the international marketing strategies to a great extent. There are many factors that are related to globalization, which has the capability to influence international business. The factors include increased competition, choice of location... and...
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...: What is the relationship? What can be done? World Development, 34, pp.1361–1373. Betrán, C. & Pons, M.A., 2011. Labour market response to globalisation: Spain, 1880-1913. Explorations in Economic History, 48, pp.169–188. Bird, A. & Fang, T., 2009. Editorial: Cross Cultural Management in the Age of Globalization. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 9, pp.139–143. Bouzigard, M.A., 2011. Making People Illegal: What Globalization Means for Migration and Law by Catherine Dauvergne. Human Rights Review, 12, pp.537–539. Cooper, R.N., 2008. One Economics, Many Recipes: Globalization, Institutions, and Economic Growth. Foreign Affairs, 87, pp.155–156. Deardorff, A. V & Stern, R.M., 2002. What You...
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Globalisation today: what it is and what it means for international marketing 02166 these global trends have recorded a great improvement in their performance. This has been made possible through the opportunities that have been presented by the global market enabling firms to access resources worldwide and expand further into several new markets overseas; thus, creating high performances in firms (Bouzigard 2011, pp.537–539). Globalization simply implies an increase in trade thus lowering of tariffs, using higher technological means and increase in economic integration. All these factors have been attributed to increasing growth in a country’s economy; consequently increase in gross domestic product (GDP). This is evident since in a normal sample; it is higher than of globalization did not take...
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..., with no government interference (el-Ojeili, C, & Hayden, 2006). This means that the forces of demand and supply determine the price of goods and services. The free markets have attracted the entry of multinationals such as Coca Cola, Samsung and Microsoft. The spirit of free market has enhanced the expansion of multinational companies in developing countries. One of the major factors that have made the foreign corporations thrive is the existence of equal competition. The free market ensures that governments restrict incentives to local firms to ensure that they do not gain a competitive edge over the international companies. As a result, international business has grown, hence creating more opportunity. However,...
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