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The state removing children from their parents and taking them into protective custody - Essay Example

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Mistreatment or oppression of a child less than 18 years (minor), by parents, relatives, caretaker, or somebody who is with the child, is called child abuse. Mistreatment can be mental or physical torture, or sexual abuse. Mistreatment comes as emotional abuse also. In some…
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The state removing children from their parents and taking them into protective custody
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Extract of sample "The state removing children from their parents and taking them into protective custody"

Download file to see previous pages For some parents, drugs are more important than their kids. Such people may make their children use these drugs (compelling children to use drugs). Children are nuisances for another group of parents. All these results in severe child abuse issues. There were cases when children had to undergo heavy physical tortures also.
When parents get divorced, children have to stay with one of the parents or with relatives or other caretakers. They may have to undergo physical and mental abuse and even big assaults also. Such children will be deprived of parent’s love and care and will lose a good family environment. Relatives and caretakers will be least bothered about their welfare and will torture them to maximum. These abused and neglected children will suffer from various mental and physical problems that can lead them to wrong paths. Some children are exposed to drugs in their childhood itself since they their parents use drugs. Children, who are brought up in families where there are frequent fights, will naturally have fighting mood or other bad characteristics. Also if parents are having criminal background and other unlawful practices, children who are brought up in that environment also will have criminal characters and behaviors.
Children are abused in different ways and are made deprived of all their childhood happiness and privileges. They are troubled and exploited and are subjected to mental and physical exploitations. There were incidents in which children were beaten, burnt and killed even. In a particular case, a petition was filed in Waukesha County Juvenile Court in order to keep 3 girl children in protective custody as their drug-addicted father troubled them making them accompany him during a crack cocaine binge. In another incident in 2004, a 9-month-old boy died accidentally and later doctor’s testified that the child’s injuries were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“All member states shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations”(UN Charter Article 2(4) 1945).
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 Nutrition is pivotal for growth and progression of normal life and also a disease-free life. It is imperative for everybody and much more important in the case of children and infants because they are in their maximum growth stage. Malnutrition at this stage can have serious repercussions for the...
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Studies have been conducted from all over the country and most used cross-sectional methodology and epidemiological investigations of autism have all been concerned with the prevalence estimation of autism (Fombonne: 2003). Autism was first identified and termed as early infantile autism by a psychiatrist at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore named Leo Kanner and for at least 30 years, the disorder was referred to as an emotional disturbance. Not until American Psychiatric Association (APA), coined autism as a developmental disability significantly affecting verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction manifested by atypical and repetitive behaviors (Turnbull, et. al. pp-330: 1995).

Autism is under the Perv...
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