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Adolf von Schell, a German Army captain of World War I has written in his book ‘Battle Leadership’ that every soldier should know that war is pretty much kaleidoscopic, full with all forms of constant chirping and changing, at times being quite unexpected and all the more…
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Battle leadership by Adolf Von Schell
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Download file to see previous pages f von Schell in his book has explicitly stated that as leaders, there should be some sort of knowledge related with the souls of the soldiers who are giving their best shot in the battleground. According to his own theory and quite rightly so, the soldier is the only person, the living soul with which the war can be started, ended and carried out in the first place as it has to decide whether or not to dismantle a bomb, throw a rocket or anything that has to do something or the other with weapons and ammunition. More than that it is his immense resilience and sense of intellect and understanding that wins him many a war, even in the most difficult of times.
He goes on to suggest in this essay that it is the responsibility of the leader in the battle field to make use of his soldiers in the best manner that he possibly can as well as become a role model for them so that they can take heed and give in their best demonstration of courage and bravery. Leaders, according to him are the torchbearers and it is only up to them to instill the confidence and belief in the rest of the army. Without their self belief, nothing is possible.
Adolf is of the view that every leadership effort that there is present in the war grounds is reminiscent of the relationship that exists between the leader and his men, especially in the manner through which the same is being transferred to each and every player of the army. This is pretty significant as it says a thing or two about the communication flow that should be the key ingredient of any war, battle or for that matter a discussion that leads up to a war eventually.
The values that the leader portrays are very important as this forms the bridge between him and the people who are being led under him. Values thus form the cornerstone of the term called motivation as it in essence forms the basis for a whole lot of avenues in the times to come, not only on the shoulders of the leader for his being true and straight to them but also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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