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Social policy - Essay Example

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But what seems to be the most striking feature of Britain is its status in the world. The two World Wars consequently had brought a heavy loss in the materialistic and man power, however Britain…
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Social policy
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Download file to see previous pages Many books and articles were written based on these crises. The most notified is that of W.Hutton’s “The State We Are in”. Certain arguments made by Hutton were welcomed by historians and analysts and certain gave way to a number of controversies. The main points which Hutton wants to emphasize are the shor-termism existing in Britain’s economy, The factors leading to that and what could be the solution to eradicate the short-termism.
Before going deep into the arguments the existing situation of Britain’s state ant the relationship of the state with the individual and the range of activities of the state should be looked out. During the course of years Britain had been witnessing a series of crises they are o unemployment problem, housing for the slums, fall of export rates in the economic field etc.
The 1920’s saw more industries such as motor and electrical industries but then failed to cater to the standards expected in the world market. On the other side the percentage of unemployment was also gradually increasing. The rate of exports has come down by 50%.
But by 1980’s with the intrusion of Margret Thatcher the United Kingdom has become the place of leading trade and financial power. The various state enterprises were given the status of nationalized enterprises.
But Britain seemed to have had an imbalanced relationship between its state and citizens. The best illustration could be of the worst housing conditions for the poor and the unfulfilled desires of the state to renew their locality and buildup of houses. There was definitely a failure faced by Britain in the housing matters as a result there was only an increase in the slum houses could be seen.
Many political writers and reviewers were of the opinion that a strong and active participation of the citizens in the social and the political activities will turn the state a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1.
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