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Taxation - Essay Example

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The concept of taxation is derived from the theory of protection and support, where the citizens give tax to the government in exchange for protection. Every country has its own taxation system which is evolving according the needs of…
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Download file to see previous pages The first problem involving Ms. Vaughan involves a sale of a house giving rise to the payment of Capital Gains Tax (CGT). CGT can only arise on the disposal of an asset, which is this case is the house. However, not all sales of properties are subject to CGT. The most common exemption and is relevant to the case we have is the sale of a person’s principal private residence.
In identifying whether such sale is taxable or not, let us look into the facts involved in the case. Ms. Vaughan bought the property in Brechin in 2 January 1982. She resided in that house until May 1984 before moving to Germany. From then on until 31 August 1990, she did not reside in that house not even on holidays. She lived in that house again from June 1995 until May 2002 where at the same time, she lent a large portion of the house to a tenant. In June 2002, she moved to Liverpool and was never able to live in the house in Brechin again. The question now is whether or not the house in Brechin is the primary resident of Ms. Vaughn.
A primary consideration in determining whether such house is the primary residence of a person is the time spent is that place and the intent to go back to such place and establish residence. Under our tax code, residence simply means the place where one lives. Determining ones residency is dependent on ones length of stay, number and frequency of trips to the place (i.e. habitual stay) and the intention to stay in that particular place. Judging by the amount of time Ms. Vaughan spent in the property in Brechin and the fact that she lent the house to a tenant while she occupied only a portion thereof belies the fact that she wants to establish the place as her primary residence. Thus, such sale of property do not fall under the exemption provided for under the law.
The indexation allowance in capital gains tax is computed based on the indexation rate of March 1982. It must be noted that implementation for individuals of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Taxation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 3.
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Taxation, regardless of whether fuel is provided for private use to the employee. Summary of details:   Year of taxation: 2012/2013 Availability of the car during the tax year: From: 06/04/2012     To: 31/03/2013 Number of unavailable days in the period above: 5   List price (including VAT and accessories): ?15300   Capital contribution of employees: ?   Payment done by employees towards private use: ?500   Date first registered: 1998 onwards   Fuel type: Petrol     Approved CO2 emissions figure: 139 Q 1.3 It will be cheaper for the company to provide the car for a number of reasons. One, the cost of the car will be subject to capital allowance which is a deductible expense against taxable income. The company can also provide...
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Taxation such as the police, the military and the government administration. Taxes are also collected for purposes of subsidizing the needs of its citizens such as the subsidization of a staple food or education. Taxation carries the weight of bearing the load of administration as well as providing its citizens a chance to run their country. As taxpayers many people are given the opportunity over voting rights as well as social security and welfare in times of hardship. There are different types of taxes available in the UK and here is the list of basic taxes that are used : Consumption Tax: It is a system whose tax base is consumption. This includes the goods bought by an individual. The most common is the VAT (Value...
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...include personal possessions worth less than £ 6,000, as mentioned before. The stocks and the shares that are held in tax free investment savings accounts are also exempted from the taxation under the Capital Gains Tax rules. Certain government bonds and securities like the National Savings Certificates and also the gains earned through betting and lottery winning are further assets that are not to be taxed. Conclusion To conclude, the Capital Gains tax is the tax rate that is levied on an individual’s or a company’s profits or gains that are earned through the sale (or disposal) of non inventory assets. The HRMC (2010) defines clearly the tax rate that is applicable to a chargeable asset or a chargeable person. It...
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... similar and comparable financial statements in all respects, which will then enhance transparency, and consequently help end tax avoidance issues (Ault & Arnold, 2010:47). The application of a universal tax framework globally, will bring a convergence of the International Financial Standards and the accepted National Accounting Standards in different countries worldwide (Ball, R., Kothari & Robin, 2000:44). The convergence of the two set principles will the seal the possible loopholes applied for tax avoidance. However, the argument against the proposal to have one international tax framework to eliminate the tax avoidance issues is that: First, the regulatory frameworks of different countries in relation to taxation are very different...
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...of levy on goods leads to increase in capital (David 1817). Corporations are also subject to taxation by the government. Corporations pay taxes to the government for services provided. Corporations fill out forms as required by the state laws and hence recognized by the government (Leandra 2002). It is the duty of the corporation to pay taxes to the government for services provided and failure to do so can lead to legal actions towards the corporation. Before investors make an investment plan, they identify the tax system of their investment location. A tax system that is negatively designed does not favor the investor’s interests and will drain their resources and time. The different types of taxes levied by the...
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...Tax Act 1842 by Sir Robert Peel again saw the reintroduction of the income tax in the United Kingdom due to the growing deficit in the budget. This new income was only levied on incomes above £150 which in 2014 was fixed at £11,956 (James, 2009, pg. 41). Income tax in the UK has practically changed over the years. Firstly it was levied on a person’s income even though the persons were not beneficially entitled to the income which was taxed however; at the moment a person pays tax only on the income to which they are beneficially entitled. In 1965, an introduction of corporation tax took out most companies from the then income tax net. Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1970 consolidated the changes in the taxation. Further, there were...
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Effect of Taxation on the Investment Decision in Firms

...or the informal sector do not have such luxuries to manage their risks. A major constraint that the high risk firms operate under is the little availability of external finance and credit. This can adversely affect the growth of these firms. The financial infirmity market rigidness added to the governmental policies and taxation burdens make these high risk ventures a very difficult proposal for profit making. Hence venture financing, tax breaks and co investment by the government are essential to make these ventures work and sustain economic growth of the country. Case Study The success of entrepreneurial ventures in the United States during 1980’s created a unbalance between the US and the European...
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Is the Double Taxation of Dividends in America Good for the Economy and Society

..., tools and equipments and other capital items to the extent of almost one percent. No doubt such a move will result in the creation of more employment opportunities and higher living standards. As quoted by Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan “This particular program will be of net benefit to virtually everybody in the economy over the long run, and that is one of the reasons I strongly support it”. This paper argues that the double taxation of dividends in America is not good for the economy and society and the elimination of it would bring more economic prosperity to the country. Double Taxation is not Economically Beneficial to America One of the foremost reasons which go against any tax policy is that they are more self...
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Principles of Taxation Laws

...,284.43 Item Amount for June 30, 2008 Amount for June 30, 2009 Interest from Alex (for 4 months) 917 Interest on time deposit (net of 20 per cent withholding) €4,800 €4,800 9% superannuation contribution 4,500 Cost to purchase Betzy -12,000 Cost of re-qualifying exam -500 Before I go on the specific explanations on the amounts included and excluded in the calculation of Catherine’s total taxable income and income tax payable, may I state first that Catherine is not an Australian citizen but rather a French citizen. However, for taxation purposes, Australia’s taxation laws ignore citizenship unlike that of the United States. Hence, Catherine’s incomes derived or sourced in Australia are taxed according to Australia’s taxation laws....
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... also defer or exempt the active income of businesses. Consequently, there has been a loss in force with regard to a distinction between those nations with a global tax jurisdiction, and those whose taxation system is territory-oriented (Avi-Yonah 2007). A network of bilateral tax treaty holds claims about the existence of international tax. The treaty borrows heavily from the U.N. model, as well as that of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). For a majority of the countries, these treaties enjoy an elevated status relative to the domestic laws. As such, the domestic tax jurisdiction is often constrained. This implies that where international tax matters are concerned, national are usually bound...
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.... To perk up the integrity of its advice processes, the Tax Office publishes edited versions of all written binding advice (referred to as edited versions) provided to taxpayers. Edited versions are published in the Register of Private Binding Rulings (the register) on the Tax Office website.4 Taxation laws, including section 16 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, impose a number of secrecy obligations on Tax Office staff. Further obligations to protect the privacy of individual taxpayers are imposed by the Privacy Act 1988. A publicly accessible register containing edited versions requires Tax Office staff to take particular care to ensure that a taxpayer's information and identity are...
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The Roles of the Following in the UK Taxation System the legislation and it was, thus, not their responsibility, but that of the parliament. It, therefore, follows that any defects in the taxation laws were not under the responsibilities of the courts. Since the year 1980, however, the courts of the UK have had the urge to take up a more purposive kind of statute’s interpretation. Where a given statute was said to be obscure or ambiguous, the House of Lords made an acceptance of making consultations to the history of the legislature so as to establish the role of the legislature in the particular statute. The courts of the UK have overcome schemes of tax avoidance by way of finding that the given context’s taxpayer had not gotten the result desired. An example is a...
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... of tax for individual income tax are progressive and for individuals they range from 10%-15%. The taxation of income for individuals uses the intermediate sum which is usually referred to as Adjusted Gross Income so that the two deduction types can be differentiated. That is, deduction for the Adjusted Gross Income and the deductions for Adjusted Gross Income. Many of the states in the USA impose taxes on income unlike the situations where few cities do the same. To some extent, compensation of individual income taxes depend upon the law on Federal income tax and the compensation that go tandem alike. (Smith, et al, 2009) For the purpose of USA taxation, the amount of gross income is not inclusive of any qualified expenses of moving...
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Evolution of Federal Taxation in the United States

... at both individuals and enterprises of all sizes and also include Americans living abroad. Tax rates tend to differ from one state to the other based on factors such as allowable reduction in taxable income through contributions to charities and other such means. The current taxation system in the United States has evolved based on a number of different circumstances over time. This paper will look into the evolution of the United State’s taxation system by tracing its historical development and its current application to taxable entities. Introduction Taxation regimes existed in colonial America under the auspices of the British Empire. Essentially the colonies revolted against the existing dominion governmental setup due to differences...
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Thus, the process of taxation influences the behavior of small enterprises and the allocation of resources to large firms. In relation to this, careful design of taxation and savings leads to the equalization of the tax burden in taxpayers with the same lifetime incomes (Nightingale 2004 pg246).
In relation to household savings, individuals save when the amount they prefer to consume is different from the income they receive. For instance, some individuals may find consumption smoothing hard to achieve especially if they have little income. Therefore, decisions made by individuals rely less on long-term thinking and more on a desire for immediate gratification.
Finally, yet importantly, people save less when they earn le...
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Local Taxation in the United Kingdom

...c) The government at Kingston, where New Malden is situated for this exercise, publishes rate relief and rate discounts for different scenarios, but the rate payable for this hereditament suggests that it is not eligible for small business relief. Depending on use, however, the rates payable may be reduced and the occupier may be included in rate relief schedules, if the occupier is a charity for instance, or a non-profit organization. There is temporary relief too for three months for hereditaments that are not occupied (The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames 2015). Question 2 The structure of local taxation has changed over the past three decades, to the point where the composition of local tax revenues is now made up of 95...
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