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How did Industrialization change America between 1860 and 1900 - Essay Example

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As with any change, numerous developments came up in different fields coupled with many different characteristics. One of the areas affected greatly by…
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How did Industrialization change America between 1860 and 1900
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Extract of sample "How did Industrialization change America between 1860 and 1900"

Changes in the United s due to the Industrial Revolution Industrialization describes the numerous changes that various places in the world faced because of increased industries. As with any change, numerous developments came up in different fields coupled with many different characteristics. One of the areas affected greatly by industrialization was the United States of America. The country was initially on the lead in terms of development and industrialization came in to push it even further ahead. It is important to go through the various issues and developments witnessed in the United States between 1860 and 1900 to understand the concept of industrialization in America.
Among the greatest changes that took place in the United States with regard to industrialization is improved living standards. Industrialization brought with it numerous issues and one of the positive issues is that it created employment opportunities. With the increase in industries, there was a basic requirement of workers and these people came from the surrounding areas. These people worked tirelessly with the aim of achieving the most for their industries. The consequent result of this is that people gained more income from the industries and improved their living standards (Meyer 74).
Another change that took place is an increase in population. Two major factors that led to this and it is important to review both of them. One of the reasons as to why population increased is because people got comfortable with their lives and decided to multiply. Another reason is the fact that the United States became attractive to many outsiders and thus many immigrants came in from different regions. The reason as to why they came into the country is to look for employment in the upcoming industries at the time.
The transport system is another that faced many changes during that period. This happened because people required an elaborate transport system through which they would get to work. Another reason as to why the transport system improved is that entrepreneurs required a fast method through which they would transport their products. With the advent of industries, the food production increased and thus the market widened (Meyer 106).
One of the political changes witnessed because of industrialization is the rise of taxation. Prior to industrialization, the concept of taxation was rare but with the increase in goods doing rounds in the market the government found a loophole. The government decided to start taxing traders and this would lead to its accumulation of funds.
Thinking in the economic line, there was the rise of classes. The industrial revolution saw people grow and diverge. This is because people were more successful than others were and this made them get a sense of pride. Some people felt superior than others and to a point got to alienating themselves and these are among the reasons that led to slavery later on. The people that were of a higher class started oppressing the less privileged and made them work in the fields (Meyer 124).
Industrialization is one of the major landmines that took place in the United States. The fact that it had so many changes accompanying it is enough proof that it had a positive effect. Going through these changes offers more insight on the revolution
Work Cited
Meyer, David. The Roots of American Industrialization. New York: Cengage Learning, 2009. Print. Read More
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