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The Rise of Industrial America 1877-1900 - Essay Example

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The Rise of Industrial America 1877-1900 Name: Course Code: Date: The years between 1877 and 1900 were the mainly significant and active in American history, and they reinforced the development that would characterize the country for many years to come. Among the developments include; urbanization, the reunion of the South and North, , industrialization, westward expansion, immigration and the assimilation of the freed African Americans .Additionally, it was a period of transformation whereby several Americans wanted to adjust corporations and shape the changes taking place all around them.1 The End of Reconstruction Nevertheless, the years between 1877 and 1900 indicated the end of rebuildin…
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The Rise of Industrial America 1877-1900
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The Rise of Industrial America 1877-1900

Download file to see previous pages... This was aimed at include the ex-slaves into the nation with all rights and civil liberties of citizens. Precisely, the Republican aim was to end slavery in America and assimilate the blacks into the government, the main issue of contention between the North who pushed for anti slavery and South pushing for its expansion. Southerners believed that restrictions on slavery would infringe the doctrines of states’ privileges, while the North and leaders of the Republican Party treated slavery as a formidable state iniquity. The Southern defenders argued that blacks benefited from slavery leading to further disagreements with the North .2 Consequently, through the election of Abraham Lincoln as President in 1860 and assurance by South Carolina of “Declaration of the causes of Secession” advanced the tension as the Southern thought he would be anti-slavery and would support Northern welfare. The West Louisiana Purchase expanded the size of United States and opened the West to America settlement. The United States obtained the Arkansas River valley by expanding east from the Rocky Mountains to Mississippi River according to Louisiana Purchase signed between American and Indian representatives. Immigration Additionally, during these years, about 7, 348, 000 people migrated into the United States. This raised the number of citizens from 49 million in 1800 to 76 million in 1900. The refugees settled all over the country in big numbers except in the South. The migrant fake networks that created how and where they traveled and the type of communities they formed. The reason for the massive migration to the United States was for economic advancement. Land was cheap and wages were equally high as compared to their homelands. Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial Development The increase of agricultural lands led to what apparently seems an irony. This is because despite the more farmers in the U.S and the more dynamic they became the smaller was agriculture’s share of the economy.3 On the other hand, the increase of industrial America, the ascendancy of wage labor, and the growth of cities represented the greatest changes of the period. Of civil war, few Americans had expected fast growth of American industry. Over the past, wage earners in American history had come to be more than the self-employed, and by the 1880s these wage recipients started working in bigger corporations in America. On the other hand, trained workers proved extremely flourishing at maintaining their position through the 1880s, but they had to struggle to do so. The comparatively high wages for trained workers made the proprietors to look for ways to substitute trained with untrained or semi-skilled workers, but mechanization offered the most effective approach for deskilling work and reducing wages.4 Railroads Moreover, the strikes in America were because of railroads. This is because the whole nation appeared to concentrate on the railroads. Furthermore, towards the end of 1870 the railroads restored their expansion. Though there was a break in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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