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Spiderman Analysis-Engish - Essay Example

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There is no better example of this phenomenon than the dual life of Spiderman and Peter Parker. In order to completely…
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Spiderman Analysis-Engish
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Extract of sample "Spiderman Analysis-Engish"

Download file to see previous pages Like most lonely, somewhat nerdy fellows, Peter is in love with a beautiful, popular young woman, who just happens to be his next door neighbor, Mary Jane. Peter does not have parents; he lives with his Aunt and Uncle, a slightly older couple. Peter is used to being ignored, and even pushed around. He has very little self-esteem and would prefer to take photographs of other people living life, then live life himself. And yet, by fate, he is bitten by the “super spider” and inherits the amazing abilities that the spider possesses. The change from Peter Parker having the powers of Spiderman and Peter Parker becoming Spiderman was evident. While Peter Parker was enjoying his new abilities (climbing walls, being able to suspend mild flight, spin webs, perfect vision and hearing, amazing reaction time), he doesn’t automatically come to the assumption that he should use his powers to protect the innocent. He, like most people in his position would do, first thought of how this new gift would most benefit him. While investigating that possibility, he made a decision that cost him the life of his Uncle Ben. After accepting the pain of the loss, Peter realized that there was a huge amount of injustice in the world and that there was no one fighting for the people, no one to scare those that would do others harm. That gave way to the birth of Spiderman and all of the “great responsibility” that comes along with being a superhero.
Spiderman, despite his best efforts, begins his superhero career with a very skeptical crowd. Most of the miraculous things that he does are misinterpreted and even presented to be a problem that was caused by him, so that he could fix it and be a hero. In the beginning, Spiderman is saving the lives of the faceless, no one that Peter Parker would have any personal connection to. However, when the faceless become Peter Parker’s loved ones, the issue of keeping the superhero and the regular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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