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What do The Bell Jar and Catcher in the Rye identify as the main concerns of the 1950s for young people - Essay Example

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The progress made in the liberation of women’s rights due to women entering the work force during World War II underwent a severe test at the hands of ideological body snatching by the media and the government. Sexual…
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What do The Bell Jar and Catcher in the Rye identify as the main concerns of the 1950s for young people
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Extract of sample "What do The Bell Jar and Catcher in the Rye identify as the main concerns of the 1950s for young people"

Download file to see previous pages Holden Caulfield, the protagonist of Catcher in the Rye and Esther, the protagonist of The Bell Jar are characters deeply rooted in this conflicting and confusing time. It is probably no accident, then, that both these characters seek professional help in dealing with what may be madness or insanity, or what must may be the stress of living in a time that is not easily understood or explained.
Women in America went to work after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the entry into World War II, and many of them decided that they liked it; American men took it upon themselves in the 1950s to attempt the enforced removal repression of that desire to remain at work. Until America joined the war to fight the dreaded Hun (and the Japanese) in the latter part of 1941, women as a rule really hadn’t had much of a choice in terms of vocation. Unless they were raised on the farm, women basically had the choice of becoming a wife and possibly mother, or, if they desired to enter the work force, taking a job in one of the male-approved female jobs such as secretary or nursing. With the depletion of male work force into the service from 1941 to 1945, women all over the country got a taste of what it was like to work in a variety of jobs ranging from factory worker to professionals. As Tucker writes, women in the 40s were “commonly portrayed as performing her patriotic duty—taking a job so that a man could fight” (18). The symbol of the American woman’s liberation was Rosie the Riveter and Hollywood applauded the working woman throughout the films of the early 40s. The only problem is that once the men came home and got their jobs back, many women were not expressing the jubilation of going back home that was expected. Esther’s alienation in The Bell Jar and Holden’s somewhat paternalistic attitude toward women reflect the confusion and tumult ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Holden Caulfield, the main character and the narrator of the story, has his share of troubles in life. Many of those troubles he caused himself, such as being expelled from his school. He finds himself in a hard fix. He just got kicked out of his school; his fencing team lost their gear because of him. He is very upset his roommate had a date with Jane – his neighbor girl he has a bond with. He considers a lot of people being phonies. At this particular time in his life he feels very lonely. When he gets to Ney York, he wants to call someone to talk with, but he cannot think of anyone he can. He is depressed, and he admits it himself several times throughout his narration. Besides the circumstances he got himself into, his brother...
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The Catcher in the Rye

..., Chapman, had asked him to sign a copy of the novel on the morning when he was assassinated. When the police caught Chapman and accused him of the murder, a copy of the novel was found in his pocket. Although there was no clear evidence that it was the novel that had inspired Chapman to commit the crime, yet the implicit connection was enough to make people argue about banning the book. Parents and teachers have always been concerned and looking for answers regarding what effects violence in literature can imprint on young developing brains. The Catcher in the Rye arrives with concerns relating to anxiety, dejection, brutality and aggression that develop in young minds. Critics are of the view that children tend to have less-developed...
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.... When you do that, you will start missing everybody" (Salinger 277). Works Cited Beidler, Peter G. A Reader's Companion to J. Salinger's the Catcher in the Rye. London: Coffeetown Press, 2011. Gohn, Christopher. American Adolescence: J. Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye" ". New York: GRIN Verlag, 2009. Salinger, J. D. The Catcher in the Rye. New York: Paw Prints, 2008. Sanford Pinsker. Understanding Catcher in the Rye: Student’s Casebook to Sources, Issues, and Historical Documents. Washington: Greenwood Publishing Group, 1999. Shmoop. The Catcher in the Rye: Shmoop Literature Guide. California: Shmoop University Inc, 2010....
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The Catcher in the Rye

... Day Month Year The Catcher in the Rye The disturbing behavior of the main character, Holden Caulfield can have different implications to the readers. His character can garner sympathy or it may alarm others. Some might be taken by his story but others might be appalled. Although Holden depicts a delinquent juvenile believed to be a disturbing influence on the youth, he is actually just a misunderstood and confused young man badly affected by the harsh realities of life. No one can deny Holden's explicit use of words or his being extremely judgmental of the things and people around him to the extent that he becomes mean. He can be thought of as an ungrateful spoiled brat who fails on purpose and get expelled, engages in other mischief...
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Catcher In The Rye

Catcher In The Rye It would be an under ment to say that the novel under discussion was a wonderful read. It was much more than a wonderful read!It was a book that spoke to you, it had a story that made you think, it had a protagonist that looked you in the eye when he spoke the most outrageously honest realities of life without so much as a blink. Although the action and events of the novel were vital in making the book into a complete whole and the language of the book contributed in giving it a most unique evocative quality, yet it was the protagonist himself who carried the burden of the story on his shoulders. It is my opinion that Holden Caulfield became such a universally loved fictional character simply because of his huma...
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...Catcher in the Rye: Movie Review Titanic This is the story of two confused lovers, Jack Dawson and Rose something, who meet each other while they are on the “unsinkable” luxury liner, the Titanic. The babe, Rose, is engaged to a rich man that she does not love and who treats her like a goddam possession or something. Because of this, Rose wants to jump overboard (it kills me … she could have spared herself the trouble and waited a few days) but is saved by the low-life adventurer Jack Dawson. Rose’s moron of a fiancé Cal watches the two pathetic lovers grow closer, and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot keep the two apart. But while they are too busy fooling around with each other, the ship is heading towards a disaster that the world...
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...Dear Editor; I have recently finished reading the novel, The Catcher in The Rye, as a high school literature assignment, and I am writing to express the reasons why this novel should be banned and not read by anyone, especially young people. The main character in the novel is a young guy by the name of Holden Caulfield, who seemingly revels in the role of social rebel. The first problem is the profane language that Holden uses to express himself through out the book. In an age of digital technology, where the actual reading of books and expansion of spoken language has diminished, I really cannot find a need for a book that encourages the use of profanity as a means of self-expression, because the main “angst-stricken” character cannot...
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Catcher in the Rye

& Number: Catcher in the Rye (Jerome David Salinger) 14 November (Estimated word count – 694) Introduction J. D. Salinger is considered as one of the icons in modern American literature and his work has been compared to the works of Mark Twain in some respects. His style of writing is to use exposition and juxtaposition of events to illustrate and flesh out his characters, mainly the chief protagonist, Holden Caulfield. His style is of unstated simplicity, using a lot of those profanities to give vent to an adolescents frustration with the world. Overall, the theme of the novel is one of undiagnosed depression. Salinger is very good at providing descriptions such that the reader can easily identify with some of the characters perh...
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Catcher in the Rye

... Catcher in the Rye: An Overview Catcher in the rye is a story of a sixteen year old boy as he struggled in different aspects of life. He discusses his view and perspective in life, his feelings towards opposite sex, his family, his schoolmates and teachers. He pours his inner thoughts and feelings towards different subjects in his life, his constant loneliness and the phase he is experiencing. One of the things that Holden struggles with, are the phonies of his surroundings. He thinks that Pency Prep is phony including the system and Dr. Thurmer, the man managing it. He thinks his surroundings are phony because they do not show their true colors when dealing with people. They keep themselves hidden in order to attain their wants...
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Catcher in the rye

... Details Introduction In the novel The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Slinger has effective employed the use of symbols to portray different events and scenes that have been described throughout the story. Symbols have highly been developed throughout the novel and they mostly revolve around the development of the main character –Holden and how he perceives certain things in life. In these book, the writer tries to pass the message that there are certain things or certain aspects of that are very hard to avoid during the growth of a person. One cannot hold onto his or her innocence forever as has been depicted in the novel, the more an individual clings onto it, the more he or she lose sight of oneself. The writer has effectively used...
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Main Ideas of the Politics of Representation

The reason for phenomenon is that art is not static, but rather interactive with its audience and the political and social ideas of the audience’s present as well as the symbols inherent in the particular forms used. The postmodern movement, with its emphasis on illuminating the sublime, brings these ideas to the forefront. “The political and the aesthetic are inseparable, simultaneously present, faces of the postmodern problematic” (Burgin, 1982). On examining the main ideas within the politics of representation I will draw on various philosophical ideas in relation to recent art practices and consider the topical question of visual representation as an instrument of control and power.
Any creative ide...
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Are Social Timing Deficits More Pronounced In People With Atypical Diagnosis Of Autism

It is a severe developmental disorder that affects the way a child sees and interacts with the rest of the world. It limits their ability to interact with others socially and most of the times try to avoid human contact. It is also a part of a large group of disorders called pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) (, 2005).

In 1908, Eugen Bleuler a Swiss psychiatrist coined the word "autism" in schizophrenic patients who screened themselves off and were self-absorbed. Leo Kanner while at Johns Hopkins first identified autism in 1943 when he described 11 self-absorbed children who had following common traits: impairments in social interaction anguish for changes, good memory, belated echolalia, over se...
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Operation Barbarossa was conceived to put Russia and Stalin on their knees. Hitler’s resolve to decimate Russia in three months time was on the verge of being manic. Behind his back however, Stalin was also cooking a diabolical concoction for Hitler i.e. he was “preparing a preventive strike at Germany”.2
Hitler left no stone unturned in this offensive. He paraded 3.5 million Wehrmacht troops reinforced with Panzer tanks and hovered protectively by the famed Luftwaffe aircrafts. He then positioned these on a 2,000 mile frontier border from the Black Sea in the Crimea to the White Sea in the Arctic region. Because the Red Army troops were mostly inexperienced, the Germans easily captured most of the western R...
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The reforms have to be brought from the top side of a nation, whereby the government needs to take bold steps to promote it no matter how hard it is on their budgets. Similarly, child development is a very significant aspect in the times of today. There is immense importance which is given to this subject. (Nespor, 1997) The basis is backed up with sufficient data and research which goes a long in establishing the fact that child development indeed owes a lot of attributes on the part of the people who are related to the child – the parents and/or its guardians. The aspects of love and training at the same time holds true for their balance bringing up the regime and this without a shadow of a doubt is a significant thing to...
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This dissertation will, therefore, establish whether the White Paper will bring real benefits to the disabled or whether the concerns of organizations working for the disabled are actually well-founded.

People who are in work have better opportunities to improve their lives and consequently visit their GPs less often. Even their children and partners benefit. It gives many people self-esteem, companionship, and status.

The initial aim, therefore, is to investigate whether the provisions in the White Paper can theoretically deliver these benefits. This will provide an opportunity to identify any loopholes or gaps in the government’s plan.

The second aim is to then consider the objections to th...
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Narrative Voice, Characterization, and Use of Settings in Catcher in the Rye and a Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian

The same is true of any writer. One is trying to get into a unique writing style, often without deliberate inclinations-- the style emerges of its own, -- but sometimes, the narrative voice as a writing technique is consciously employed by the writer. To start with, it is necessary for the writer to select which POV (point of view) to use.

The author’s persona of a fictional narrative can contribute to or mar the success of the story. Much depends on the plot of the story and how the author wishes to develop it. What is the emotional content of the story as a whole and how the individual emotional levels contribute to the total success of the story? There should not be any artificiality about the development of th...
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People as Cultural Beings and the Christian Posture

In recent times questions regarding the impact of Christianity over culture have become so prevalent that several of the modern intellectual disciplines consider it an archetype of orthodoxy that is aimed at restraining the newer cultural trends (Niebuhr 1956 p. 1-2).
However, the existing historical shreds of evidence clearly convey that despite Christianity has always been one of the most important factors in the context of determining people’s reciprocation towards a particular cultural trend, but different civilizations at different points of time have denied the impact of the Christian culture as those perceived that it can be a threat against individuality of their respective cultural tends, “Not only Jews b...
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The Main Threat to Small Business

When it comes to reliability factor big businesses are able to sustain because of their track record. Big businesses are able to pacify their customers using their past successful track records.
Nowadays most of the business opportunities and orders are posted online. This means that business providers need to be well integrated with supplier systems through online facilities. The infrastructure of the business model needs to be updated. But this is not an easy task for small businesses. E-based procurement is possible only with a well-maintained network on the internet. This requires a lot of financial and technical necessities which could not be supported by small businesses. On the other hand, Big businesses are well equip...
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People, Organisations and Management

Organizations and their management styles have evolved to a great extent in the service and manufacturing industry over the last century, and so have been the concepts of management and its functions. These evolutions can be traced to significant developments brought about by the industrial revolution, scientific management principles such as Taylorism and Fordism, transition of feudalistic to capitalistic approach and others in different sectors of manufacturing industries. However, the beginning of the industrial revolution was characterized by a rigid hierarchical bureaucratic way of organizing business enterprises, a style prevalent even today but only in military service organizations. Nevertheless, the manufacturing and busi...
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Rousseaus and Nietzsches Main Philosophy

Nietzsche begins by first accusing philosophers of dogmatism. He believes that philosophers come up with their complex ideologies and intricate systems of thought only in order to justify their own assumptions and prejudices. This is the crux of the book and is indeed a very strong statement to make. Nietzsche believes that if we try and dig out these assumptions and prejudices, we would be able to see what these philosophers value deeply and this will give us an insight into their characters.

Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712 to 1778) was a Genevois philosopher. Besides that, he was a writer and a composer of romanticism. His philosophies were very influential so much so that they were considered to have triggered the French...
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