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Study of Social Networks users types, models, and effect of new features using pattern recogniton and data classification techniques - Article Example

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Abstract- Social networking sites have become an integral part of communication. Due to its numerous advantages, these sites are considered to be one of the easiest modes of communication. This paper deals with the various user types and the models of social networking…
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Study of Social Networks users types, models, and effect of new features using pattern recogniton and data classification techniques
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Download file to see previous pages Social networking users are generally classifies into six types. These types of users are classified based on their personality and its types. The various types of social networking users are essentialist, transumers, connectors, scene-breakers, collaborators and entrepreneurs. The essentialists are people who make use of the social networking sites to be in contact with their family and friends. The next category, transumers are people those who adhere to the trends. These people implement the latest improvements and innovations in the technology. Connectors are the next category of users who look out for creative trends and other unique features of the social networking sites. Around 10 percent of the social networking users are classified as connectors. Scene-breakers are the next category of users who are interested in learning new concepts. They are regular browsers in the social networking sites and they communicate their talent to the other users in the social networking sites.
Another set of users are collaborators who work for the integration of users to create and explore new projects. They form a group to create and develop new events and they are knows as online traders.
The basic social networking models rely on the presentation of each and every user. Then the relationship among the other users are established which enables the user to find the person whom he intends to.
The advancements in the technologies are used in ...
The social networking sites incorporate various new features and implement the latest updates on their sites.
The advancements in the technologies are used in the development and improvement of social networking sites like facebook, linkedin and orkut. The features of such social networking sites include creating personal profiles, user images and the communication with the help of text. The networking sites allow the users to create personal profiles with their name, date of birth, location and their personal interests. This enables the other users to easily identify a particular person in the networking site. The next best feature is the ability to upload personal images that helps others to easily find and track the person whom they are searching for. The most important feature of a social networking site is that it facilitates the users to send messages in the form of text, graphics and sounds. This makes the communication process much easier.
The objective of a social networking site is to establish connectivity among the people and to communicate with them in a hassle free manner. With the advent of such social networking sites a user can interact, communicate, perform an activity and form groups which are referred to as communities.
Apart from these common features several other features are introduced using the data classification techniques. The data classification techniques classify the data by dividing them into quantiles, equal intervals and natural breaks. The social networking sites implement these data classification techniques to classify the information regarding the users [3]. The users are classified based on their way ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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