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Age Of Sexual Consent In California - Essay Example

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There is no law in the State of California regarding sexual consent. What exists is the age wherein persons are given full legal capacity free from parental interference. The age of full legal capacity or consent is at the age of 18.

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Age Of Sexual Consent In California
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Extract of sample "Age Of Sexual Consent In California"

Download file to see previous pages There is no law in the State of California regarding sexual consent. What exists is the age wherein persons are given full legal capacity free from parental interference. The age of full legal capacity or consent is at the age of 18.In California, a person legally becomes an adult at age 18 and acquires most of the rights, privileges, responsibilities, and obligations of adulthood.athers; 16 year old boys pushed into having oral and anal sex; (3) information regarding sexual encounters or experience of 16 year olds will be divulged notwithstanding the effects that this may cause on the child's mental and social wellbeing. The child as a human being also has a right to privacy and should be spared the ridicule and ostracism 16 year olds are still children half way between adulthood and still being a child. The dictionary defines them as young and immature. They have bodies as developed as adults and still think and reason as children. They are immature and the fact that these children would experiment and desire to experience sex as what they have seen in the Dvd, without thinking of the possible repercussions of their actions in terms if STD's, HIV and even pregnancy is proof of their immaturity. The Dvd or other direct or indirect influences are not to blame for their actions. They will manipulate the use of technology to suit their innermost desires:
“In every era, new technologies are always adapted to sexual uses (Klien, p. 6).”Admittedly these desires are normal. There is nothing wrong in keeping them in control until such time that these children would have grown and be ready to take responsibility for their actions. ...
6)." Admittedly these desires are normal. There is nothing wrong in keeping them in control until such time that these children would have grown and be ready to take responsibility for their actions. Admittedly, this is a part of their self expression. But even this self expression is rooted on how the individual actually behaves.
"We can't understand the origins of human sexual expression without knowing more about how we actually behave (Fausto-Sterlin, p.18)."

This further proves that the adolescent who behaves in an immature way is not ready to delve into the study of his/her very own sexuality. But to allow these 16 year old children to rampantly experiment is against the mandate given by the people to the State. They are still too young.
In fact the benefits of the Alan Guttmacher Institutes' study, greatly favors the experimentation at an age wherein the subjects are ready:
"Women who consistently used condoms within their casual relationships had a greater perceived ability to use condoms in difficult situations, expressed a greater need for intimacy within a relationship and were more motivated to have sex to please others or to express love than women who had unsafe casual sex (Alan Guttmacher Institute, p. 57)."
This is at 18years old. The study was made among vocational students meaning those that were not in regular schooling for being advance in years. The average age was 18 years old. This proves that 18 year old young adults are mature enough to think and decide for themselves. This study further substantiates the stand of the State that maturity, legal consent and capacity should be retained at 18 years old.
Who will protect these children Who will guide them to make the right choices Who is tasked to ensure that their rights ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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