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Global Sexual Politics - Essay Example

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The paper aims to explore the globalization of norms and values associated with the sexual orientation of the people. The paper will attempt to examine the impact of freedom of thought and action on the popularity of norms observed by the individuals with reference to sexuality politics…
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Global Sexual Politics
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Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that globalization of sexuality simply refers to the changes witnessed by the world populations in the wake of tremendous alterations in all fields of life, leading towards the amalgamation of the sexual patterns adopted by various cultures and civilizations. In other terms, globalization of sexuality mirrors the acceptance of the sexual behavior and activities associated with the occidental cultures, which were considered to be sexual taboo and perversion in the oriental societies of the world. Consequently, identical with the globalization of corporate, economic, political, scientific and literary activities, sexuality has also experienced globalization partly due to the universality of sexuality. It is, therefore, globalization of sexuality is viewed to be one of the most noticeable features attributed to the contemporary era political, cultural and social life of the individuals belonging to different parts and regions of the world at large. Consequently, the homosexuals, once used to be looked down upon, had obtained profound liberty of getting involved into sexual activities without having any fears of persecutions at the hands of the dogmatists, moralists and other like-minded groups and communities, which used to condemn homosexuality by declaring it to be strictly contradictory to the religious values and moral principles. On the one side, the homosexual orientation is mistakenly stated to be against the prevailing social norms and cultural values; and on the other side, the torch-bearers of sexual freedom have determined the norms to be adopted by the individuals while observing the same activities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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