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Goals - Essay Example

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Today we are living in a very fast paced and competitive society, characterized by an era of globalization, where competition and quality consciousness are the key words. Therefore, in order to succeed the individual has to prepare herself for the emerging situations physically, mentally and emotionally…
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Goals Today we are living in a very fast paced and competitive society, characterized by an era of globalization, where competition and quality consciousness are the key words. Therefore, in order to succeed the individual has to prepare herself for the emerging situations physically, mentally and emotionally. Though, definition of success varies from individual to individual, depending upon a range of factors like ambition in life or the circumstances under which the individual has been brought up. In my opinion long term success means recognition as a dedicated individual to the cause and an expert in the field of my choice. I also aspire to become a successful individual by earning due recognition as an expert in the field in which I'm passionate. And in order to prepare myself for a successful career ahead I have set for myself, some goals which I intend to achieve in due course.
1. Lose 15 pounds of Weight: Today's life is full of activity, tense moments, stressful working, competitive environment etc. which calls for a physique fit enough to take long hours of working together with a host of other activities. I have the fortune of growing in a jolly good environment which helped me gaining a few pounds more. Though I am fit enough to work for hours together, but I sincerely feel that I need to control my body weight so that in the years ahead the backbone doesn't have to bear excessive load. I plan to lose about 15 pounds of my body weight within the next one year, which will help me in finding the professional look. In the corporate world, physical appearance also matters, but for a young female it becomes an added advantage if she could maintain the balancing act. I am aware that even to lose the weight I need to consult dieticians and experts, so that I could do it in a manner acceptable to my body and I could sustain the slim and trim look for a long period ahead.
2. To be 'Well Read' and Read Critically: Internet and IT are the buzzwords today. We've grown up in an era of technology supremacy which is characterized by an information overload. Loads of information is available from different sources, we need to be watchful and accept the relevant information to make ourselves learned citizens. We have internet, the super-highway of information; there are plenty of television channels which keep beaming information all through the day and night; there are radio channels with equally diverse information content. But it is said that good books have no alternative and this knowledge acquisition technique has no parallel. Books are not only a good company, but they provide us ample scope for reading, and analyzing the information content. For this we don't need to have any related paraphernalia as we need for a computer, laptop or palmtop. I can read the books while in the bus, train or while waiting for someone. I do feel that books are a good company in our endeavor to become good students, responsible citizens, laborious workers and informed individuals. Therefore I'll make best efforts to read as many books as I can, related to my subjects, hobbies, and profession. It will be my effort to make it a habit forever.
3. To become debt free: In today's materialistic world we require a good house, a car, a well furnished house, club membership, weekend soccer tickets, friends, pub parties etc. etc. All this of course, requires good amount of money and resources. Credit card companies and some banks are always on the lookout for such gullible persons, who want to enjoy all these things in shortest possible time, so that they could be left paying debts to these institutions for the rest of their life. I also aspire to enjoy all the materialistic things available around me, but I do realize that the best way to enjoy such facilities is when you have enough spare money for them. Taking debt for short lived enjoyment is not a wise step; I therefore intend to remain debt free to the extent possible and wish to lead a happy life without the tension of being under any financial obligation, so that I can enjoy the life in real sense and make the best out of it. Read More
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Goals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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