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Art of Graffiti - Essay Example

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Nowadays Graffiti is ranging from vandalism to cherished artwork. Michael Walsh in his book "Graffito" compares two opposite points of view on this issue. He compares two statements. First is a claim of Eskae Oakland from California, who says that "Graffiti is a kick in the face to the Gallery/Museum system, where the artist is pimped like a whore for the capitalist system, made into another commodity for people to buy…
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Art of Graffiti
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"Art of Graffiti"

Download file to see previous pages . . . To them to get busted is like a Purple Heart. Nobody really slams the doors on those thugs. These graffiti vandals are causing people pain and grief. They think they're artists and have some right like free speech to express their individualism or artistry. If they want to be an artist they should go to work for a record company and do hip-hop CD covers. Graffiti might look good to them and their buddies, but the majority of the people don't want to look at that crap every day"2.
As a matter of fact "any type of cultural or artistic production forces change on an environment. Most of the time, people abide by well-established rules for culture-producing activities. They do it through consuming certain products in certain ways or by creating symbols of their identity within the scope of what is legal for the entire society. In general, people who write graffiti produce culture in a different manner. No matter what it says, the manner in which graffiti is produced defines the writer's position as an outsider and alienates that person from the rest of society"3.
Although there are hundreds of individual styles of graffiti, there are only seven basic forms in which it appears. These forms, the names of which are known to all graffiti writers, can be distinguished generally by their size, location, complexity of design, or the materials used to create them4.
Bubble is a style, in which all similar to each other letters are rounded, joined with each other, and looks as though exaggerated, similar to bubbles bursting at the seams. More often it is used just few colors, basically two or three. This is one of the most popular styles of beginners.

Wild Style differs from all the other styles, first of all, by the complexity of letters, which most often are non readable. They are so mazy that sometimes even people who know what's what in graffiti and write it, are not capable to puzzle out an inscription, let alone everymen. And only those, who draw in such style, without can easily read the text of the image. The point is that a writer adds additional elements to the letters, which distract attention from letters.

FX (or 3D style) differs in absolute volume of letters. To think up such figure is very difficult. It is necessary to possess not ordinary imagination and uncommon thinking to draw a word in volume. Thus, it is necessary that all letters were combined with each other, and it was clear enough what is written. Far not every writer is capable to do it. Moreover a writer needs many years of trainings to write graffiti in this style.
Messiah Style. Originality of this style is that letters look like written on separate sheets and imposed on each other. This style has been invented by the inhabitant of New York Vulcan, which works are characterized by original color scale.
Charater is a style, in which the characters from the style of comics are used. Sometimes there is a framework of speech, in which can be present the signature of the writer (autograph), or speech of the character. On background often there is an inscription executed in other style. At ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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