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Third Parties in California - Essay Example

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In the current partisan system of California, are the alternative or third parties going to be able to compete with the two main majority parties This paper asserts that third parties will succeed, as they have throughout history, but not to the extent that they might want…
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Third Parties in California
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Download file to see previous pages But analysis of factual evidence will show that there has always been a need for political parties that work toward interests for the common good, ones that are often neglected by majority party leaders. Data shows the ongoing desire on the part of the voter to have third parties involved in all levels of politics (Gizzi. 2000).
It is also easy to be opposed to third parties because of their lack of ability, generally speaking, to win elections. This paper will show that the future of third parties lies in their importance to the structure of society. They are vents for dissatisfactions. They provide avenues of discussion on issues of controversy. They challenge incumbents to reanalyze their positions (Nader. 2002).
California's politics has long been considered liberal by anyone's standards despite the fact that there have been 32 Republican governorships to the Democrat's 17 (Nichols 1998). At one point in history the Republican party was considered liberal but its evolution toward conservative attitudes changed how people perceived the party (Cresap 1954). The contemporary Republican party again has the governor's post, but is generally regarded as more liberal than conservative in many areas. Recent news concerning abortion rights may push the image of the California governor back toward conservative lines, however.
This paper shows the see-saw action of politics that is always trying to find balance within its culture. Third parties become more "radical" when the majority parties are perceived to have become more extreme, or too lax. If events occur that actually prove the majority parties to have been overly conservative, or liberal, then the public begins looking for alternative leaders.
Progressives have made the mistake of ignoring the importance of governorship for too long and have now realized its importance. Even Democrats fell behind because of this failing leaving Republicans to scoop up governor positions throughout the country (Gizzi. 2000).
In 2000, Pat Buchanan said, "At no time in history has voter allegiance to traditional political parties been at such a low." (Gizzi 2000) The distancing from voters' main concerns, the corruption and the same-old, same-old of the two majority parties has caused a lot of disinterest. According to Micah Sifrey in "Crashing the Parties . . ." the Reform Party has enough longevity and experience to offer up a many federal-level candidates. The City Council of Arcata, California, currently has a majority of Reform Party members. In 1996, 9.6m citizens voted for third party presidential candidates, despite the third parties' 'tenuous existence' (Sifrey. 1997). Two thirds of independent California voters have said that a two-party system is inadequate and a third party is needed, and a strong one may eventually evolve from the political situation in California today (Lesher, et al. 2006). "Or it might mark an entirely new political paradigm . . . a no-party state." (Lesher, et al. 2006)
1990 was the turning point when Democratic registration in California dropped below 50% for the first time since the 1950's. The electorate has now 2.3 more million voters and almost 90% are registered outside the two majority parties. Of the California registered voter population that numbers 16.5m, 6.7m are Democrats, 5.5m Republican and those who "decline to state" number ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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