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Family Law and the various areas that are involved in the legal processes - Essay Example

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Family Law is a vast field and takes into account multiply areas in family life that might become involved with the judicial processes of the law. Some of these pertinent subjects that are found to be discussed throughout this researched literature are in realms of: the breakdown of marriage, same sex marriages, welfare of children, domestic violence, gender equality, and a few other points of interest that have a part to play in the role of the family within the UK…
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Family Law and the various areas that are involved in the legal processes
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Extract of sample "Family Law and the various areas that are involved in the legal processes"

Download file to see previous pages Another very detrimental part of this research is in the concept of domestic violence and how it is perceived in society. This is an issue that often goes unreported and therefore many cases are left with unanswered questions as to how and why it happens. The laws surrounding it are also included in this research. The main goal is to provide more insight into what laws are set up to assist families and protect their rights in various situations. Also, what new reforms are taking place and how they are being implemented and carried out to improve the quality of life for families
The Family Law Act that was approved and passed in 1996 radically changed the way a lot of legal issues involving family related areas were previously handled. It has had a tremendous impact on specific views of divorce proceedings, consultations for marital breakdowns, the welfare of children, marriages that are of the same sex; and a mass variety of other family related areas. ...
king a divorce are especially affected by the new legislation as instead of granting a quick divorce to a couple, the legalities have become stricter and now function in a slow and systematic process to allow for time to consider the well being of the children involved and the effect the divorce proceeding might have on both parties with consideration to finances and living accommodations.
Now, more than ever before within the UK, marriage is being considered as a top priority. This specific area that unites a family is considered to be deserving of extra attention and efforts to maintain it and keep it from becoming a problem that disintegrates and deteriorates the whole family structure. Therefore, a good variety of legal implementations are being made in the family courts that have already been introduced to persuade couples from divorcing but rather seek counsel and evaluate their relationships thoroughly before opting to dissolve of them altogether. Marriage is a highly valued principle of life so there are certain steps that have to be taken before a petition for divorce will even be looked upon by the court system and achieve any form of consideration. Some of these phases of the family legal process have been placed in the following outline:
The institute of marriage should be supported more so than divorce
Any and all applicable steps to save the marriage should be utilized by the couple whether it be marriage counseling or by alternative means such as living apart for a specified period of time
If the marriage is found to be unsalvageable it should be absolved with the least amount of stress possible to both parties and with respect for the children's welfare
Consideration should be given to the children's needs and wants as well as their rights entitle ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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