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Projectd Mangement - Case Study Example

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1. Accepting a post which is under someone's vigilant eye and interest and belongs to that person can create a conflict of interest between the two. Basically the role of a project manager incorporates lots of planning, organizing and communicating with everybody around including the stakeholders…
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Projectd Mangement
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Download file to see previous pages If another individual takes the responsibility of overlooking the project and taking its name under himself, it can pose as a problem between the two individuals. The person who is taking the responsibility of the project can go to any lengths to make the other person work, external pressure from that person can make the project manager undertake a lot of decisions which the manager never intended to take. Due to this, the project manager also has to be answerable to all the resulting problems with the other person sitting at the corner. Therefore, considering all the above communicational problems, I would not have taken the project if someone else in the team referred to my project as their baby.
2. The biggest moral and ethical issue that Gary is facing in this situation is hiding the facts from the whole team and specially the customer who in this case is the Lord's Corporation. In order to get the contract, the company official ordered Gary to lie about the temperature specifications of the raw materials, convincing him by saying that they can later ask the customer change the specifications when they win the contract. Keeping an open communication flow between the people related to the project and the stakeholders is the prime responsibility of a project manager (Heerkeens, 2001). ...
3. Gary Anderson was awarded the position of the project manager for the Blue Spider Project. Undertaking his responsibilities, he had to report to the director of program management and his major responsibility was that of cost handling, time management and administration. Gary was chosen to become the Project manager because Gable wanted an expert in the Technical department so that he can get all the help about the R&D from that person. Also, the biggest responsibility as a project manager was the ability to communicate verbally and nonverbally, the ability to motivate people. With time, as matters worsened, Gary took the responsibility of undertaking minutes of the meeting and all the undergoing of the project. Also, since his area of expertise was engineering and not administration, he was more focused on the R&D and was giving away his responsibility of cutting down costs, communicating with other departments and the customer; in short administrative responsibilities were neglected by him, which were his prime responsibility.
4. The functional employees of the customer and contractor should be allowed to certain standards and levels and not all the way. The reason for is that there should be a level of transparency and co-operation and trust between the two parties which can make huge projects work. Too much work can make the workers feel that their personal space to work is being invaded and can hamper their performance. However, in order to keep a fair level of transparency and accountability on the part of the workers, the functional workers should be allowed to communicate without the formal to some extent.
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Projectd Mangement Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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