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Project management maturity model - Assignment Example

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Project Management By (Name) (University) (Date) Case Study 1: Ferris HealthCare, Inc. Introduction Project management maturity model (PMMM) refers to foundations used by companies to attain success in project management. PMMM consists of five levels, with each level depicting the level of maturity of an organization in project management…
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Project management maturity model
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Download file to see previous pages Project management principles that need application and support are included in this level. These principles are related to methodologies applied by the company. III. Level 3 Singular Methodology: A company is in a position to integrate all corporate methodologies into one with a focus on project management. These effects termed as synergistic effects simplifies process control in combination with single methodology rather than multiple methodologies. IV. Level 4 Benchmarking: at this level, competitive advantage is enjoyed by a company. Process improvement is the focus of management so that the company maintains this advantage. This level is performed regularly and continuously. Decisions made at this level look at whom and what to benchmark. V. Level 5 Continuous improvement: all information from benchmarking are important for success in project management. This information is used in benchmarking followed by a decision whether the information will empower singular methodology. These levels of maturity are not only accomplished by companies’ in a consequential manner but may overlap in one manner or the other (Kerzner 2001, pp.41-44). Ferris HealthCare, Inc. ...
The need for project managers in career path position with a structure to accommodate project management was seen a priority in making the organization prosper. A project management training program was conducted by a consultant in the organization. One twelfth of the organization’s employees participated in the training program. The fifty trained officials held several meetings in the next two months to set out models to use for the firm. Finally, three stage gates were identified although dictated by personal interests. The models were information systems, new products portfolio and corporate clients. The models developed had several similarities since they had rigid policies and procedures. After a year of implementation of the models, a problem in decision making about the right project manager for a specific project emerged. Project managers were obliged to understand the three models. The only option available was assigning project managers who understood particular methodology. Later, the company consolidated the methodologies into one, with a focus on guidelines rather than policies and procedures. The new model received support from most employees. The company organized another training session for untrained employees on project management with a focus on the new method. Unfortunately, there was no success in future projects. Questions a. What difficulty did the management face to initiate one methodology from the start? b. Why did the three methods based on policies and procedures? c. Why do you think the company was forced to seek for single methodology? d. Why did the company decide that the methodology rely on guidelines rather than policies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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