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Woodlice - Lab Report Example

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Woodlice have been considered to have several species that roll up in perfect shapes as ways of defense. Unlike other crustaceans, woodlice are found on land but can only survive in moist surroundings. …
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Download file to see previous pages Their food includes dead insects, roots of young plants and decaying vegetable materials. During the day they hide in cool dark places under stones and flower pots (Smith 7). Woodlice are harmless, and in spite of their name, they do not spoil wood. They have an external shell skeleton, which sheds off as they mature (Smith 6). The female woodlice are identified to keep fertilized eggs s under their bodies until they are hatched into small white young ones. Research has shown that females ones have the ability to reproduce sexually. Woodlice are crustaceans, which are found in the same class such as crabs and lobsters. However, their unpleasant taste distinguishes them from other group members. These types of creatures breathe through the lungs which are found in their hind legs. They are mainly found in earthly environment since they are used to losing a lot of water through excretion. Therefore, they live in damp and dark places such as rocks and logs, because they need moisture to survive. In comparison to other creatures, woodlice have predators such s spiders, lizards and birds. These predators depend on woodlice for their survival. To this effect woodlice have adaptive features that enable them to survive. Such features include rolling themselves in to some form of ball and stretch again to their normal size and length. They are found in varied lengths such as short, middle and long, and they also move at varied speeds. Method This experiment basically requires knowing how to control a population of woodlice. Around 24 of woodlice were place in the plastic container. The length and the length of internal of woodlice were taken by using a ruler and the microscope. Also, the number of plates was counted by using the microscope. In addition to that, the speeds of woodlice were taken by using two rulers to design the drag and the stopwatch as well to record the distance Results Trait Dorsal plate number Speed (seconds/10 cm) Length (cm) Color (values using soil color chart) Mean 7 21.20833333 0.991666667 5.083333333 Standard Deviation 0 +10.29131828 + 0.21450989 + 1.248187091 Standard Error 0 +2.100706547 +0.043786648 + 0.254785123 According to the information shown in the graph, the speed of woodlice has an effect to its survival. . From the report, short woodlice were shown to have survived (Therefore, predators are able to identify the long woodlice more easily than short ones. This explains the reason why woodlice roll in circular forms for their survival. When in their circular form, length can not be identified hence their survival. Short woodlice have the ability to hide from the predators since they are flexible. This enables them to survive because of their small size and speed. However, the long woodlice can be easily spotted by predators hence their decrease in population. In addition, their length makes them to move sluggishly compared to short ones who move fast and survive Discussion Scientific experiments depend on data that has been collected objectively. This indicates that researchers should not influence the results of an experiment with or without their knowledge. Instruments used in the study should be well placed and arranged so as to give reliable opinions and observations. Such observations shall be used to draw concussions, which may affect other areas of science negatively. This explains the reasons which led each group to encounter error in their experiment. For example, woodlice were not experimented in their natural habitat. When a living creature is removed from its natural environment, it tends o develop features that can assist it survive (Schmalfuss 76). However, if it fails it may die. Such deaths may decrease the woodlice population. Investigations should be carried in the normal area of the organism for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effect of Length on the Survival Rate of Woodlice

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