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Laboratory Excercise - Research Paper Example

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Rainforests Webcams Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Rainforests Webcams Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest Time of webcam observations: 20:30:19-21:00:19 Brazil time Date of webcam observations: August 25, 2012 Location of webcam: Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil…
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Laboratory Excercise
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Four tree species Four distinct tree species were observed in Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest between 20:30:19 and 21:00:19 Brazil times. One of the tree species had a thick stem and branches. The leaves of this tree were not observable within the viewpoint of the webcam. This tree species was located in the middle background of the webcam. The second tree had banana-like leaves and occupied the left hand side of the webcam. The branches and stem of this tree were not covered within the view of the webcam. The third tree species comprised of shrubs that occupied the lower left side the webcam. The leaves of these shrubs were bright, green and irregular in shapes. The fourth tree species composed of the dry stems in the middle background of the webcam. This tree species had no leaves nor branches since the remaining branches were dry. 3. Bat The bat flew from the left side of the webcam. It spent two minutes within the view of the camera before exploring the feeding table. The bat then disappeared to the left side of the webcam. Environmental conditions Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest is characterized by wet and warm climate. Mean monthly temperatures remain above 180C throughout the year. The forest floor receives only 2% of the solar radiation due to extensive canopy. Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest receives more than 2,000 millimeter of rain per year (Marent & Morgan, 2006). The inter-tropical convergence zone plays a crucial role in creating the climatic conditions suitable for rain forests. The precipitation in this forest ranges between 700 and 1,600 millimeter. Approximately 50% of this precipitation comes from the forest’s own precipitation (Livejoy & Hannah, 2005). Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest is humid across the year because of heavy rains. Around 75% of the biotic species in Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest are indigenous. Patterns and Density of Biodiversity in Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest The rapid expansion of human population and economies in the 21st century has led to stresses on natural ecosystems and the species within them (Marent & Morgan, 2006). Biodiversity is the range of variation found among the living organisms. Ecosystem refers to any geographic location occupied by living organisms and the nonliving parts of their physical environment. Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest has a dense and irregular tree species. The trees do not have any uniformity in pattern since Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest is a natural forest. The forest is covered by a variety of indigenous trees, but only four species were observable within the view of the webcam (Marent & Morgan, 2006). The forest also hosts a variety of animal species such as insects, reptiles and birds. The webcam, however, captured the white butterfly-like insect and a bat. Factors Influencing Biodiversity in Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest The first factor influencing biodiversity in Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest is global climate. Weather forecasters have revealed rapid climate change across the world. Climate change such as increased temperatures, wind and intensity of sunshine affects the ecosystems in the Ornithos Atlantic Rainforest (DellaSalla, 2011). Organisms that do not have rapid adaptive features cannot survive extreme climatic conditions, and thus cease to exist. The second factor influencing biodiversity is natural disturbances. Storms and strong winds are common in rainforest areas, and frequently cause considerable damage in forests (Marent & Morgan, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Laboratory Excercise Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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