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It all begins in a pulse. The expected visitor, the patient, arrives in an ambulance, and then the entire room floods with activity. Checking for vital signs, transferring to the stretcher, connecting the monitor, everything happens so quickly, one barely gets a minute to actually become aware of the situation at hand…
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Medical Admission
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Medical Admission Essay It all begins in a pulse. The expected visitor, the patient, arrives in an ambulance, and then the entire room floods with activity. Checking for vital signs, transferring to the stretcher, connecting the monitor, everything happens so quickly, one barely gets a minute to actually become aware of the situation at hand. This in very simple words is a glimpse of life working in an Emergency Room. Unpredictable medical conditions occur, bleeding patients, blood clots, pressure sores, which puts you in a position to make use of everything you have learnt all those years studying medicine. Handling all of this day in and day out, can of course lead to high levels of stress, even for those who have been working in this field for quite some time. It is at that point that my hobbies come to the rescue. Running in the morning, with the cool breeze splashing your face can release all the stress, while basket ball enables me to take out my frustration and then there is piano, which can be very soothing after a long day of work.
One of my strengths in emergency medicine has been my ability of not getting emotionally involved, although sometimes I do ponder if I was made of stone, as the imagery one witnesses in an emergency room is an eye opener to the miseries of all those who are involved in accidents every day. Then again, I console myself thinking that it is after all a good thing as it helps me avoid breakdowns, that I have witnessed my friends and colleagues experience, which I don't fault them for, as these are classified as normal human reactions to horrible situations like still born babies or victims of abuse, my ability to stay impartial and unaffected enables me to focus more on the patient.
My experience at ER has in a certain way helped me shape my life for the better. For one it has taught me to savor life given to us by God and all his blessings, due to which I am not one of the patients on that stretcher. It has also helped me take out more time for things that make me happy and satisfied with life and keep me fit, for example running everyday to keep me health, playing basket ball with my friends, or playing the guitar to release all the stress from work. In the end it all helps me put in my best at work or anything else I do.
"We learn to care for the ill and dying--we unlearn our distance from illness and death. When caring for a patient, the learning and the unlearning are never far apart." (Petty, 1992)
Some days have been hard for me to deal with the patients; however this experience has made me realize my greatest challenges in the field of medicine, which is to do my best to help those who are facing a major turmoil. And all the energy, thrill, teamwork and aspiration to save lives and to make a difference has lured me to the field of medicine, because after all DEATH STINGS!!!
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Petty, J. K. (1992). A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH: The Emergency Room. Retrieved JUNE 04, 2008, from Read More
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