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The writer of this essay discusses his ethnic background and the combination of both the Mexican and American cultures. The writer of this essay analyses any personal reason or circumstance/history that motivates his to attend Tufts University School of medicine in particular or to study in Boston…
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Letter about A Medical Career to the Admissions Committee
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 The proximity of the Mexican border provides a continual influx of Mexican nationals that serve to maintain the family and emotional ties to Mexico and to enhance the Mexican cultural values. In other words, I am deeply rooted in my culture.
Extended kinship ties assume a prominent place within my culture. I grew up in the United States with my immediate family, which included my aunt and uncle. I used to feel incomplete and isolated living away from my extended family structure. Since I was totally dependent on them, I looked upon my aunt and uncle as my grandparents. I have missed, to some extent, the comfort of home and the protectiveness of my parents.
The financial insecurity of my family led me to take up jobs at a very young age wherein I understood the value of money and self-dependence. I matured as a person quite early in my life, though this obstructed my continuous educational process. Perhaps, this was the underlying cause for me to be a very avid and hardworking student throughout my education.
If I were to define the purpose of my life, it would be finding ways to be useful to others. Over the past thirteen years, I have participated in various voluntary organizations and social service campaigns. These experiences have helped me grow personally, emotionally and spiritually, all the while strengthening my values and motivation for helping others. I volunteered for the American Red Cross in San Francisco in 1992. This pursuit enhanced my understanding of communal diversity.
I also possess very rich experiences in teaching and tutoring. Over the years, I have been involved in tutoring through various organizations. I have also been engaged in helping students from a diverse cultural background in confronting the challenges posed by drugs, violence, and alcohol. These experiences have provided me huge insights into the essence of education delivery. With an aspiration to further expand these skills and understand teaching from multiple perspectives, I am working towards a minor in education at the moment.
When I earned a summer internship at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco in 2003, I realized that my most cherished goal to explore the fascinating world of medicine had finally materialized. Shadowing doctors from different departments of the Medical Center, I quickly learned the essence of healthcare. In other words, I realized that medicine provided the most appropriate career for a person with an aptitude to volunteer and be of service to society.
Looking back on my own life, I see these different seasons as stages of growth that have helped me to understand my own potential and the path that I wish to take in life. I am ready to explore the fascinating world of medicine and to finally make that dream of mine a reality.
The role of physicians is increasing in magnitude and significance. There are tremendous calls for new and enhanced roles for physicians in response to emerging social issues and community service, while at the same time enhance one's clinical expertise and research involvement. My goal as a physician would be to find a balance between them and make my service of much higher value to society.
Tufts University School of Medicine
1) Is there any personal reason or circumstance/history that motivates you to attend Tufts University School of medicine in particular or to study in Boston, as opposed to attending another school or studying in another city? Please explain briefly in a paragraph or less
The moment I think of a medical career, I see a dominant role of research in it. I firmly believe that research is a critical feature in the highly dynamic medical profession. I am interested in combining my strong desire to teach with clinical research. This is why I am seriously inclined towards Tufts University School of Medicine. Apart from providing valuable clinical experience in a variety of settings, Tufts is a vibrant research center and prides itself on its highly acclaimed biomedical research facilities. It promises a research-oriented medical training, which I am looking forward to. Besides, I strongly believe that, though not deterministic, the location and school’s physical environment plays a big role in the success of an educational system.   Read More
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