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Expatriates in Bahrain - Essay Example

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The World is developing with a rapid pace and while the developed countries continue to develop, the under-developed and some developing countries are left behind in the race. The mass media is increasing in its prowess every day and in some way or other it should play a big role in helping the Nations in distress…
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Expatriates in Bahrain
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Extract of sample "Expatriates in Bahrain"

Download file to see previous pages The politicians in power use it more for personal gain and indulge in vote-bank politics. The visual media should persuade in inviting such people for having face to face interviews and group discussions, with the happenings telecast live on air for the public. Although it is common in some of the countries, it still has a role to play in questioning the integrity of politicians who need to perform consistently over a long period of time. For example, the Network 18 channel group organizes interviews called 'Devil's Advocate' in India with popular figures being questioned. Many countries should follow suit by interviewing politicians in their locale.
Of late, many environmentalists are spreading awareness about the Greenhouse effect. The media should help them in reaching out to the public, informing them the statistics regarding pollution, power consumption, etc. There is a team called 'Action network' formed by BBC news corporation where people can get guidance on starting campaigns, and discuss with others who have the same interest. It is for this reason that in 2005, Action Network was awarded top position in the World Forum on eDemocracy's list, highlighting the 'Top Ten Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics'. Many News channels all over the world should be encouraged like this to initiate such activities of public welfare.
The mass media should also help the Government in getting the views of the public. It should also help the law makers by bringing out facts of how criminals get unscathed through the holes in the law. This could happen only if media takes the responsibility in analyzing the case and bringing the results to the public. Media should also bring out valiant attempts like using Hidden cams in places of suspicion, in uncovering bribery, scandals, forgery and record the incidents that they are confronted with. This would help the Police realize, where they stand in terms of protecting the law and would also gain in convicting the law breakers by the evidences received through media.
While media brings updated information from all parts of the world, it is imperative for it to make people realize their global position in the field of Science and Technology. News reports of electronic gadgets, industrial equipments and scientific tools and methodologies should help people to upgrade themselves with the changing world. Computerization was a big factor in the world's development and most of which was possible only through the influence of Media. Media does and should help people to know about the satellites, defense equipments, infrastructure and functioning of other countries so that collective efforts can be taken to make their own Government to have such means.
Of course, the challenge is big for the media to achieve such a big task because of pressure from politicians, police and some other people. All said, the media should continue to strive in its efforts to ensure public welfare. The public in turn should help the media in achieving the common objective of changing the 'Face of the Nation'.

Expatriates in Bahrain - An Asset or a Burden
All that is good does not come cheap. This can be compared with the situation in Bahrain.
I have read from the news reports that Bahrain, an isolated kingdom in the heart of Middle East has a rapidly growing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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