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Mandatory Military Service for All Men and Women - Essay Example

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In looking at the concept of mandatory military service, it might be valuable to view this in the light of how it might impact on the individual, their community, the wider society, and finally, their country. The most obvious contemporary example must be Israel, where a draft system has been in place since 1948, which means that all young Israeli citizens at 18 years old, are conscripted to serve for two years in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF)…
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Mandatory Military Service for All Men and Women
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Download file to see previous pages to emerge. Many young people in our society are without goals, direction, discipline or focus. Even worse, there is often no sense of belonging or loyalty, and while this might be considered a generalization, there is much evidence to show that is is an unfortunate yet prevalent aspect of many modern Western societies.
If young people, male and female (to adhere to the ethos of the Equal Rights Act), were conscripted to serve their country for two years, either in the military or as a form of national service, the benefits could be huge. For the individual, a sense of purpose, a requirement to follow rules and understand and accept consequences, the opportunity to develop personal skills and to relate to and support others, would become part of their character. The benefits of such socialization would then extend to the community, then to society as a whole. An understanding of true citizenship could be developed, together with a willingness to apply positive behaviors.
Ideally, such experience would result in a society which upholds respect, moral values, loyalty, concern for others and a willingness to defend their own rights, and those of others, while protecting and serving th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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