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Should their be mandatory military service in the united states - Research Paper Example

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The military selective service act addresses compulsory service to military which requires males between the age 18 to 26 to join for military service. United States does not presently enforce conscription. The US…
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Should their be mandatory military service in the united states
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Download file to see previous pages “There is a widespread feeling that there is no adequate force available now: that force which might reasonably have been deemed adequate three years ago has been shown by the European war to be inadequate, and from the standpoint of the immensity of the forces loosed upon the outbreak of war” (Ballou). The staffing of military personnel varies significantly transversely countries and above time. Although a number of countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, has relied and persist to rely on all-volunteer forces, the majority European countries follow a strategy of compulsory military service (CMS). “Voluntary service efforts will go on, whether or not we have compulsory service, because America has always been a charitable and compassionate Nation. Compulsory service programs would be another resource pool” (Does the United States Need Compulsory National Service?).
The court upholds the right of the Government to organize and maintain the army. All 18 year old youth are supposed to register with the selective service system as the military service is presently intentional, the civilian agency with a responsibility of conducting a military draft when required by the law. The transformation to a voluntary force has caused many human rights problems. The military conscription is provided by the selective military service act. Enrollment in the armed force is allowed from the age of 17. The US conscription has been established many times specially, during war and also during nominal cold wars. The draft discontinued in 1973 and moved to a volunteer military force. And therefore there is no mandatory conscription at present. During the colonial period, the 13 colonies adopted a military service for defense. After the independence, the United States and other states required able males to enlist in the military service, to undergo training and to serve for short periods in war ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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