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MBA Assignment- Topic: Strategic Marketing - Essay Example

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Distribution is one of the most important elements of the marketing mix. It can also be refereed to as place when it is seen in combination with the other three elements of the marketing mix i.e. price, product and promotion. Together, they are called the 4 Ps of marketing and if a company has to sell its product successfully to its consumers, it needs to give an appealing and lucrative marketing offer in which all 4 Ps should be carefully designed…
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MBA Assignment- Topic: Strategic Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages Distribution is a mysterious element of the marketing mix. Basically, it incorporates the delivery of the goods and services to the customers who are going to consume them. In today's dynamic environment the kinds of goods and services are changing and importance of the timely delivery has increased threefold (Moir et al, 1992).
With the complexities of organizational communication increasing day by day, the relationship between these companies needs to be handled carefully to benefit the organization and the end user of the product. The ability of an organization to satisfy the needs and wants of its customers is highly dependent on the organization's relationship with its suppliers and other institutes in the supply chain. The supply chain is an important part of any organization today, as each organization be it small or humongous, it is playing a part in the supply chain of a certain product or service.
In today's increased competition times, with new and more competitors entering the market with various versions of products and service, it has become mandatory for the existing or the new organizations to constantly innovate and increase efficiency so that they are able to provide the benefit of the efficiency effectively to the customers in the form of reduced prices of the product, better quality etc. Strategically planning out the locations for the warehouses present in the distribution chain can also provide an organization with a competitive edge over other companies existing in the same industry. This is because, due to the strategic importance of the location of the warehouse, they will be able to cater to a wider variety of customers which might not be possible if warehouse management was weak or poor.
Distribution is also a very important aspect of the marketing mix because it helps in cost cutting for the organization in the short and the long run. It covers a wide variety of operations and activities (Frederick, 2004). It can be defined as a mixture of management and choosing of the availability of the product through various means and methods at the lowest possible cost to the prospective customers. This means that with proper planning of the distributive resources, cost cutting can be achieved which will benefit both the organization and customer with the help of reduced prices.
These two basic perspectives of distribution don't completely define what distribution truly is. In reality it is much bigger and gives a holistic picture with clarity about the methods employed in the organization with regards to the proper customer satisfaction and reach. Its importance can be gauged by the fact that just by thinking innovative means to distribute the products and the services to its prospective customers, new industries such as the telephone banking industry and telephone insurance industries have born and are booming with passing time. Both these industries were a result of re-evaluating the distribution channels and creatively changing to it meet the changing advancements in technology, importance of faster delivery of information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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