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Compact car - Essay Example

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With the myriad options available today in the choice of automobiles, it is hardly a surprise that consumers often are spoiled for choice. While compact cars are the starter vehicle most consumers begin with, SUV's are a popular choice because of the extra features they offer, justifying that little bit extra expenditure.
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Compact car
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Download file to see previous pages Compact cars are also chosen as a popular second vehicle to use for running errands without spending a fortune in gas bills.
These are also at the lower priced end of the market compared to SUV's and are more affordable compared to the SUV's. Cars begin at $10,000 and move upwards making them easier to buy. They may also have lesser features in the basic models to fit the budget. Similarly, smaller size translates into lower maintenance costs.
Handling is another positive factor. The small compact car is definitely more maneuverable in the congested downtown areas and the smaller parking spaces. During the peak traffic times or when on congested highways, a compact car seems more easy to handle.
Compact cars have a lower visibility due to their low height making it difficult to see with ease for shorter people. They also have a lower record of safety when it comes to collision impacts. Their smaller size makes them more vulnerable to impacts, and they are often highly damaged when involved in an accident.
The compact falters when it comes to interior space and legroom. For a family of four it is just right and for those who are of above average build, well, after long distances they should be ready for a few cramps. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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