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Demand Analysis - Term Paper Example

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Demand Analysis Toyota SUVs Toyota Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have a high market demand and the company is currently planning to increase the market share of its SUVs in North America. While analyzing the demand for Toyota SUVs, it is clear that consumers’ tastes and preferences is the major factor affecting the demand of these commodities…
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Demand Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, gasoline prices will be a potential determinant of Toyota SUV’s future demand. Reports indicate that gasoline price is likely to fall by the middle of 2013 and therefore demand of Toyota SUVs would be further increased after one year. BP gasoline The BP gasoline has a good market demand currently. Undoubtedly, price of the BP gasoline is the major factor affecting its market demand. When the BP gasoline price increases, the product’s demand will decline and vice versa. In addition, the level of demand for fuel vehicles greatly influences the BP gasoline demand because this product is majorly used as a fuel in internal combustion engines. While analyzing the BP gasoline demand a year from now, it seems that the demand is more likely to be declined because modern people are turning towards electric vehicles. However, gasoline price projections for 2013 indicate a downward trend and this situation would in turn promote gasoline demand to some extent. 3D movies Demand for 3D movies is very high in modern entertainment industry. According to a survey commissioned by the International 3D Society, nearly 74% of the participants opined that “today’s 3D movies are better than 2D movies”; and in addition, 30% was of the view that “3D movies are incredible” (BusinessWire). Weaknesses in the 2D technology and customer expectations on 3D movies seem to be the important elements promoting the demand for 3D movies. In addition, recent technological developments in the 3D movie sector also contribute to the demand. However, 3D movie ticket prices can have a direct influence on its demand in line with the law of demand. The demand for 3D movies may further rise after one year because the International 3D society survey indicates that the majority of the people are yet to see a 3D movie (BusinessWire). Obesity cures Obesity cures have an immense demand across the globe, especially in the Western countries like the United States. The prevalence of overweight and obesity is soaring in the US mainly due to people’s adverse lifestyle practices and unhealthy food habits. Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health and hence they are willing to pay more for healthcare services. Hence, individuals’ consciousness is identified to be the major factor influencing the demand for obesity cures. Since the US healthcare sector is still struggling to control obesity related issues in the country, demand for obesity cures is most likely to mount throughout next few years. Tattoos While evaluating the current market position of tattoos, is clear that the conventional social stigma concerning tattoos is rapidly disappearing and which in turn promotes the demand for tattoos; and it is observed that the increased use of tattoos by celebrities has greatly added value to the tattoo demand (BBC News). Undoubtedly, tastes and preferences of customers would probably affect tattoo market demands. In addition, many marketers offer good quality and attractive tattoos at fairly low costs and therefore the cost effectiveness also promotes the demand for tattoos. There would be a higher demand for tattoos in a year from now because the social image of tattoos is positively changing. Furthermore, marketers are vehemently trying to offer more improved and variety tattoos at cheaper costs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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