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The Sociological Perspectives - Essay Example

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The underlying premise of the symbolic interactionist perspective is that we view the world through the meaning that objects, events, and relationships have to us. By interacting with these events, we continually grow and evolve. In a personal social encounter, much of the communication comes from the unspoken and symbolic communication that takes place…
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The Sociological Perspectives
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Download file to see previous pages The functionalist perspective views the world as a set of groups that coexist based on mutual need and cooperation. It is through this means that society is able to reach and maintain equilibrium. Durkheim, Comte, and Spencer pioneered this sociological perspective, but Robert Merton elaborated on the theory. He viewed societal consequences as being manifest, latent, and latent dysfunctional. Manifest functions are the positive and intended outcome of a group on society. Latent functions are the unintended consequences that help society maintain order. The latent dysfunctions are unintended negative results that continually upset and shape society. Our family was lower middle class and as such we filled the role of working in the factories and the mills. In return society provided us with adequate income and substantial opportunities. In doing so, our social class fulfilled its function and was rewarded by other groups in society through peaceful coexistence
Karl Marx, the most well known conflict theorist, viewed the world as groups that were competing for the available resources. He generally defined conflict in terms of wealth and saw it as two classes; the bourgeoisie (capitalists) and the proletariat (workers). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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