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Econ 212 G sangkeun - Essay Example

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The two articles on the growth of suburban areas around the main city centers have been well taken up by David Brooks in his article 'Patio Man and the Sprawl People' and Bruce Katz in 'Reviving Cities: Think Metropolitan Cities, Governance, Cities, Cities, Sprawl'…
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Econ 212 G sangkeun
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Extract of sample "Econ 212 G sangkeun"

Growth of Suburban Population The two articles on the growth of suburban areas around the main centers have been well taken up by David Brooks in his article 'Patio Man and the Sprawl People' and Bruce Katz in 'Reviving Cities: Think Metropolitan Cities, Governance, Cities, Cities, Sprawl'. Both the writers have highlighted the fact that the growth of suburban townships is mainly due to lack of adequate space for further growth, and skyrocketing prices of real estate. Both agree that the suburban growth is not because people want places for weekend parties or retreat, but the growth is because there's not enough space for them in the mainland. But Brooks is of the opinion that the haphazard growth of suburban outskirts is now becoming the kind of 'improvement' with people from different nationalities residing there. On the other hand, Katz finds that the suburban growth is a compulsion for the people of mainland as well as the immigrant population.
Comparing the views of both the writers, I feel that the views expressed by Katz reflect the situation more realistically the Brooks. Katz calls upon the respective governments to become more responsive towards the growth of suburban areas. He terms the apparent practice of viewing it as the concentration of poorer people in the suburbs not a good policy on the part of the government. While sympathizing with the people settling in the outskirts, Katz finds out that the state laws are also responsible for compounding the problems. Katz states that if the suburbs will continue to be ignored by the governments, then the patterns of metropolitan growth would not only become fiscally, socially, and environmentally unsustainable, but it will also become damaging for our society as well.
I agreed to the viewpoints of Katz because;
i. Growth of suburban population is not limited to just one country or one city. This kind of growth is seen in almost all industrialized countries and cities.
ii. As we are moving in the 21st century, we are indeed way ahead of the industrial revolution set off by our ancestors in the early 18th century. The world has indeed reaped rich benefits from this industrialization. Therefore, if we have to carry forward the industrial growth patterns, we need to be more sensitive towards the diversity prevailing amongst the society. With real estate prices touching new heights, we cannot expect everybody to be accommodated within the downtown.
iii. Though US has been a leading nation in the race for excellence, we cannot ignore the important contribution of the immigrant community in achieving these heights. With the advancement of technology in general and IT in particular, a large number of people are coming from other nations to US with varied skills and qualifications. We can't expect them all to be accommodated within the city centers.
iv. As we are not able to accommodate everybody in the main city, the growth in suburban regions is bound to happen. Being part of the US, people living in these parts too deserve fullest human rights. Then why should they be deprived of good transport facilities, good roads, electricity, good living environment etc.
v. It needs to be emphasized that if adequate facilities are extended to the suburban regions, it will help the cause of country in totality, in terms of overall production and reduction in crime rates. Therefore the respective governments must pay adequate attention towards systematic growth of suburban areas.
1. Patio Man and the Sprawl People.
2. Reviving Cities: Think Metropolitan Cities, Governance, Cities, Cities, Sprawl. Read More
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Econ 212 G Sangkeun Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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