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Discrimination across Europe then compare with Britain (Inequalities in Health and social life) - Essay Example

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To address the subject of discrimination in Europe, concentrating on health and social life and its comparison within Britain, we will be considering issues concerning the changing face of the European Union and the measures that have been taken, and continue to be taken, to ensure the rights, freedom and liberty of its members.
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Discrimination across Europe then compare with Britain (Inequalities in Health and social life)
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Extract of sample "Discrimination across Europe then compare with Britain (Inequalities in Health and social life)"

Download file to see previous pages We will also be taking into consideration the work of Madeleine Leininger, who has long recognized the importance of understanding both cultural differences and similarities when caring for an intercultural community, and will be considering whether her theory can be applied within other sectors of the European Community.
As the European Union has grown, so has its need for effective governance and accountability as government bodies and organizations seek to implement Europe's social and political charter. The question of accountability through networking has been criticized by some academics. In this paper we will be considering the critical analyse of Yannis Papadopoulos concerning governance and accountability through networking, taking into account its weaknesses and strengths, and what needs to be put into effect to ensure a European Union that is efficient and fair to all its citizens.
Social justice for the people of Europe should be the objective of social polices; therefore 'respect and the promotion of fundamental rights should be both the starting point and the ambition of such policies'. (Brussels, 2005). Beginning its first anti-discrimination bills in 1957 with the Treaty of Rome, which provided men and women with the principle of equal
The Racial Equality Directive and the Employment Framework Directive (2000) were formed to give all citizens of the EU a general minimum level of legal protection against discrimination. These directives, adding to the numerous laws that have been put into place during the past thirty years, were established to prevent people from being discriminated against on the grounds of ethnic origin, race, religion, age or sex. Initially formed to protect people within the workplace, the changing face of Europe has meant placing social and health rights at the top of Europe's agenda during recent years, as the Union faces the challenge of an emergent, cosmopolitan community.

From starting as an economic agreement between two countries, the European Union has now grown into a 25 Member State, with the acceptance of Bulgaria and Romania on the 1st January 2007, and it seems likely that it will continue to grow. Its Member States still enjoy the mutual benefits of the economic agreement that formed the Union in the first place, but as Europe's boarders have widened so has its identity, bringing into being a multinational society that has needed, and still needs, to create new laws to protect its members from social injustice.

The Eurobarometer - Injustice Within Modern Europe:

Growth means change; it means accepting that things are no longer going to be the same; it means welcoming new methods, new world views and new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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