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B.S. in Health Sciences Team Building (Mod 5 CSA) - Essay Example

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Performance evaluation is when a company measures the performance of its employees in order to measure their productivity towards the organization. Performance evaluation is very important in any organization because when you will know about how your employees are performing, you will be able to measure business success too and then able to formulate further strategies to improve their productivity and thus business profits…
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B.S. in Health Sciences Team Building (Mod 5 CSA)
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Performance assessment is done regularly in an organization generally in a period of one year. The main purpose of this is to help the employees improve their performance and increase their productivity which are in line with the corporate goals of the company. With the performance evaluation, employees are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve themselves. Five factors are considered while evaluating the employees including job knowledge and skills, communication, interaction, quality concerns and productivity (HR Website). Telling your employees about the performance feedback is as important as doing the performance assessment because this allows the employees to become aware of what other people in the organization think about the job he or she is doing. Managers should make sure that any negative feedback should not border on a personal attack and should be kept impersonal.
During past eighteen months, I think my team has not been performing up to the mark. The members of the team are not able to coordinate properly with each other and when one is working in a team, coordination amongst the team members is very important. The health care team is not satisfying the customers as it should be. As a manager, the employees are reluctant to show their dissatisfaction to me may be because of the job loses meaning that they remain good and seem hard working employees when I am watching them out. This is the case since past 13 months and when I got to know about this by repeated customer complaints, I tried to figure out the problem. And after some hard work I found out that one of the reasons for the customer's complaints was from the people working for the night shift. Employees working under night shift work with their feasibility as the manager, that is me, is not there to look after them so there is not much check and balance on them. And the supervisor, whose work is to keep a check and balance when I am not available, is also not doing his job properly. Another problem associated is that it's in our organization that the employees are recognized for their individual work even when they are working in teams. In a way it is good because it motivates that person who is being recognized by the boss but the problem is that we do not give appreciation as to the team as a whole usually. Therefore employees are not much motivated to work as teams. (Harris, 2004)
It was not an easy task to evaluate how the employees had performed in the past eighteen months. I had to actually get old of the grass root reasons. The problem was that the major issue was of the night shift people therefore the employees working in the day shift also didn't knew well. I built an evaluation form for the emoployees but no concrete result was found from that because the employees were consciously aware that they were being evaluated therefore they were producing good n might be fake answers. Because of the weak system or lazy evaluator or lack of honesty, the evaluation is highly subjective. In the evaluation process, the primary emphasis is on the past rather than on the future therefore employees might not answer properly as the chances of improvements are less (McConnell and Umiker 2005). Many times employees do not get positive feedback from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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