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Thinking Critically Simulation - Essay Example

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Ernest Cadotte, who studies business simulations, compares the simulation method of teaching to the lecture/textbook method and the case study method in terms of emphasis, content, and method of learning. "The method of learning in the simulation method of teaching is decision making and management, simultaneous treatment of interdependent decisions, cognitively and emotionally active, unstructured classroom, and right and wrong determined by outcome"1.
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Thinking Critically Simulation
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Extract of sample "Thinking Critically Simulation"

Download file to see previous pages Notwithstanding the Faith Community Hospital has a number of different problems we systematize them by subdividing in four units:
Critical Thinking Case Study Analysis is made in order to solve all this problems by analyzing and evaluating alternatives, making right decisions and recommending a plan for decisions implementation. There is no doubt that good decision making is an essential skill for business success generally, and effective leadership particularly.
As you know "decision making is the cognitive process leading to the selection of a course of action among alternatives that produces a final choice called a decision that can be represented as an action or an opinion2". It is evidently that the decision making is a complex and many-sided process. That is why aiming to fine a write decision it is very important to take into account and use certain critical thinking components. On making Critical Thinking Case Study Analysis we based on decision making steps using decision making worksheet and problem solving tools and techniques. After identifying each problem we analyzed it following the steps:
With the aim to evaluate the proposed alt...
After identifying each problem we analyzed it following the steps:
Definition of objectives;
Addressing problems effects;
Addressing problems causes;
Framing the alternatives;
Evaluating the impacts of the alternatives;
Making decision;
Implementing decision proposing the appropriate plan;
Measuring the impacts of the decision.
Using the decision making worksheet was very efficient as it gave an opportunity to observe the entire problem image and to conduct a full-scale research.
With the aim to evaluate the proposed alternatives for the Faith Community Hospital problem salvation we used elements of certain technique called Force Field Analysis, a technique developed by Kurt Lewin, - a 20th century social scientist - as a tool for analyzing forces opposed to change. It should be mentioned that "qualitative change will always be opposed by restraining forces that are either too comfortable with the status quo or are afraid of the unknown. In a competitive global market where constant innovation and continuous improvement are the driving forces that keep businesses running, identifying those forces in order to assess the risks involved and to better weight the effectiveness of potential changes becomes an imperative"3. Using this technique helped us to make the best decisions possible with the information you have available and to choose the best course of action to take.
The major key points in the simulation that should be emphasized are as follows:
The question of vital importance for the Faith Community Hospital is working out a new mission statement that will result an effective implementation of new Faith Community Hospital policy and increasing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Thinking Critically Simulation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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