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Professional Integration Within Health Care Pharmacies - Essay Example

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The professional integration of care represents a potential solution to the dysfunctional aspects of health care systems. Briefly, professional integration involves such an element as organizing sustainable consistency, over time, between a system of values, an organizational structure and a clinical system so as to create a space in which stakeholders (both individuals and organizations concerned) find it meaningful and beneficial to coordinate their actions within a specific context…
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Professional Integration Within Health Care Pharmacies
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Download file to see previous pages The aim of this paper is to do this, in regards to one health care organization in particular - The HMO Research Network. This is what will be dissertated in the following.
Integrated care systems have unique advantages for conducting research, this system in particular is a perfect example of this representation. The HMO Research Network (HMORN) includes research centers associated with 13 large integrated care systems whose research focuses primarily on improving health and health care delivery using the extraordinary platform which is provided by these health systems. "HMORN research centers have access to large, defined populations, comprehensive medical information, extensive computerized data systems and to medical care delivery systems that offer extraordinary research opportunities." (Vogt, Lafata, Tolsma, & Greene, 2004).
Integrated care health maintenance organizations (HMOs) provide the absolute optimal mix of population base, electronic medical and financial databases, and longitudinal observation for much heath research. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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