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The Battle of Bunker Hill and Breed Hill - Essay Example

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The Battle of Bunker Hill which took place on 17th June 1775 during the American Revolution was immortalized in American history because it was the first significant defeat for the British and also due to a famous quote one of the American commanders mentioned…
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The Battle of Bunker Hill and Breed Hill
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Download file to see previous pages The British were aware how important Boston was to the colonists. The city was on a peninsula in Boston Harbor which was a vital trade link. Across the Charles River, just across from Boston, on another peninsula were two hills, Breed Hill and Bunker Hill. Although most of the fighting took place on Breed Hill, the battle took the name of Bunker Hill which had a higher eminence.
Due to the threat the surrounding hills might pose on their hold on Boston, the British decided to taken possession of them. The American Rebels led by General Prescott, Putnam and Warren attempted to fence in and stall the British in Boston by taking command of the hills. To this end they sent forces to fortify both hills with trenches and bales of cotton and hay. Warren assumed that the construction of works on Bunker Hill would lure the British into battle (Ketchum 1999).
When the British observed the Americans taking possession of the hills, they began to bombard American positions from their ships stationed outside the harbor, while waiting for reinforcements to arrive. Eventually with around 3000 troops the British stormed up Breed Hill. The daring of the British was apparent, as they could have marched to Charlestown and blocked supplies and reinforcements from reaching Prescott. Instead they soldiered up the hill. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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