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Nitric acid is stronger than Ethanoic acid because in nitric acid the oxygen is bonded to nitrogen which has higher oxidation state (+5). Hence, electrons remain attracted toward nitrogen. This attraction creates polarization between oxygen and hydrogen, thus making the oxygen more electronegative…
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Dot/cross diagrams for ethanoic acid and nitric acid
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Dot/cross diagrams for ethanoic acid and nitric acid. Dot diagram of Ethanoic acid. Dot diagram of Nitric acid Nitric acid is stronger than Ethanoic acid
Nitric acid is stronger than Ethanoic acid because in nitric acid the oxygen is bonded to nitrogen which has higher oxidation state (+5). Hence, electrons remain attracted toward nitrogen. This attraction creates polarization between oxygen and hydrogen, thus making the oxygen more electronegative. Whereas in the case of ethanoic acid, carbon has less oxidation state (+3) and thus, resulting a weak polarization between oxygen and hydrogen. This makes ethanoic acid weak acid compared to nitric acid.
Further, the dissociation constant (pKa) for Nitric acid is -1.4 compared to 4.76 of Ethanoic acid. Read More
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