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New Deal and Welfare Reforms: Just How New Is It - Essay Example

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The 2004 New Deal is part of the Government's Welfare to Work Scheme and focuses on the resolution of issues brought about by poverty in the UK. Is it possible to create a Utopia through Government strategy Are the solutions suggested in the New Deal report from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) completely different from past efforts at reform How different is the New Labour ideology from New Right approaches to poverty and employment Does the New Deal offer employment opportunities for all factions of the UK population
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New Deal and Welfare Reforms: Just How New Is It
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Extract of sample "New Deal and Welfare Reforms: Just How New Is It"

Download file to see previous pages 5). Since then, reforms in the National Health Service, housing, personal social services and social security have been introduced and put into place. The Government believes employment to be the "best route out of poverty (Building on New Deal, 2004, intro, par. 2). For this reason, two efforts in 1997 at bringing this about were the appointment of the first Minister of Public Health and a health strategy developed to break the cycle of ill health due to poverty and deprivation. In addition, the Welfare Reform and Pensions Act of 1999 required all benefit claimants to attend interviews to discuss entitlement.
The DWP report credits the New Deal programme with helping almost two hundred thousand people over 25 into work since 1997. With New Deal 50 plus, the report goes on to say that the employment rate for older workers has increased from 64.7 per cent in 1997 to 70.0 per cent in 2003. And the New Deal has contributed to over 493,000 young people moving into work which has cut unemployment in this sector by half.
The Labour Party has long been considered the party of the working class, and as such has brought about certain expectations for workers. The New Labour policies, however, currently are said to be more focused on morality, and this has opened up an ideological struggle on the left over the politics, goals and strategies of socialist politics. New Labour is compared to the New Right but cannot be considered similar even though it faces similar difficulties such as inflation, welfare dependency and the changing structure of the working class. Key areas that have lacked sufficient attention in the past are support for the disabled, for older persons, for lone parents, for ethnic minorities, for those with health conditions and in areas of child poverty, considered to be relatively high due to family unemployment. These issues have become the challenge for the New Deal in the future. How different are they from challenges of the past
Past Welfare Ideologies and Policies
The effort to focus on the needs of the poor and oppressed began with the Elizabethan Poor Law of 1601, passed to raise compulsory funds for the relief of the poor, and the post of Overseer of the Poor was thereby created. The law was the means for collecting funds to be distributed to the poor either as "outdoor relief", with a dole of money or goods, or as "indoor relief" which gave the poor, the ill, orphans and idle poor a place to live where they could be cared for. Although the living conditions of those given indoor relief often left much to be desired, those who were unable to care for themselves did have a place to go. Even with much to be desired in caring for the poor, it was evident that concern for fellow human beings was at the root of the law. And a comparison of human need between past and future would repeatedly show the same areas of concern.
Before 1834, relief of poverty was left in the hands of individual parishes, but it was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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