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Report on the UK Governments new welfare system project - Essay Example

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The new welfare system is a project that is undertaken by the government as one of the ways to improve the social living standards of the entire public under the universal credit applied for by all citizens. The project will be fully funded by the central government and aims at…
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Report on the UK Governments new welfare system project
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Extract of sample "Report on the UK Governments new welfare system project"

Download file to see previous pages Every country do have their system policies so as to make her citizens live with ease and access the basic requirements whether young, middle aged or at the old age. The UK government thus has developed a project in the welfare system under the universal credit plan of to help all groups in the society as the service takes care of both the unemployed, students, the working lot, hence providing a welfare of all kinds under one roof. However the project has experienced delays in its implementation due to arousing challenges in the key sectors. For instance, the IT department finds it difficult to bring together composite processor systems so as to enhance claimant registration, poor management of the project by officials and constant different political opinion from the political divide. Nevertheless the government is hopeful that the project will go through.
Welfare system is quiet important to any national government priority as it determines the nature of the future population hence key reforms must be put to it as people develop, grow in size and face various challenges in different economic times. Thus over the periods a number of reforms have taken place right from 20th to 21st centuries. In the early days the provision of welfare was on voluntary rather than state offered as mutually and friendly partners benefited each other. Thus as new governments came in, they developed refined ideas aiming at improving the general society. For example the Labor party members used the policy on welfare reforms as key tool in their campaigns. Hence the current government has embarked on reforms of the implementation of the unthinkable concepts generated by the earlier leaders. This is motivated by theories that a good welfare system determines the behavior of the public to any country as it helps shape actions and traits of the citizens, provides good motivation and moral will between the government and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Report on the UK Governments New Welfare System Project Essay.
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