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Personal Statement and Finance and Marketing - Essay Example

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I would like to be considered for the MSc in Finance with a specialism in Marketing at your institution as I believe that your university will offer me the necessary support and guidance. I first became interested in financial management, after completing a few modules during my Business and Management undergraduate degree…
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Personal Statement and Finance and Marketing
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Extract of sample "Personal Statement and Finance and Marketing"

Personal ment I would like to be considered for the MSc in Finance with a specialism in Marketing at your as I believe that your university will offer me the necessary support and guidance. I first became interested in financial management, after completing a few modules during my Business and Management undergraduate degree. I have an interest in finance and marketing, as I find this area in terms of the effects marketing has on the consumer market and the organisation itself. I am also interested in the financial aspects of marketing as well, marketing strategies tend to be perceived as the face of the organisation, and demand can be influenced by the quality and nature of the organisation's marketing plan. My current course required that we undertake assignments as part of the assessment process, and this often involved working alone undertaking primary and secondary research, or working as part of a team and practicing our project management skills. I found this an enjoyable experience as I was able to make a valuable contribution to the team for group assignments, and contribution is essential in the area of finance and marketing. By working on my own, I managed to enhance my problem solving and analytical skills, which are important in the business environment as there may not always be opportunities to contact or discuss with other members, but at the same time, it helped me make decisions and gain confidence in myself. Marketing also requires that an organisation and its individuals adapt to the current competitive climate as the market is no longer static. However, finance systems and management have also got to adapt to this dynamic environment and this is the area I have an interest in.
Financial management is essential to the development of a nation, as it affects various areas of government such as economics, trade, and international relations. Financial management is also the backbone of the microeconomic policies implemented in this country. This is even more important when you consider the amount of service organisations, such as the banking sector which has an international reputation. When financial management is coupled with marketing, it demonstrates recognition by the organisations of how increasing competition in both the domestic and foreign markets is stimulating the need to integrate marketing into their function.
I have chosen Northumbria University because this course offers me the possibility of enhancing my qualifications prior to starting my career, which will put me in a better position. The course also allows me to develop and study my specialist area, which other universities do not offer and there is the possibility of undertaking research in this area. I will be able to contribute to this course by demonstrating my excellent communication and group working skills gained from my experience at university, where these skills are essential for achieving aims and objectives related to coursework and assignment. We were frequently encouraged to work in groups and communicate frequently with each other and our tutors, as this would ensure that knowledge was shared, and that we could learn new skills and ideas: qualities that are essential in the area of finance and marketing. By gaining acceptance on this course, I will be able to achieve my career aim of becoming finance and marketing director in the near future. Read More
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