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- economics and finance studies - Personal Statement Example

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I want to get admission in master degree program in order to gain complete understanding of all issues related to the field of economics. Economics is my favorite subject and I think this is a right…
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Personal statement - economics and finance studies
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Extract of sample "- economics and finance studies"

ment of Purpose Applicant’s Please write here I have recently completed my bachelor degree in the field of business economics. Iwant to get admission in master degree program in order to gain complete understanding of all issues related to the field of economics. Economics is my favorite subject and I think this is a right time for me to go further in my desired field as I have not only completed my graduation but also I am fully determined to establish my career as an expert economist. My major subject in college level education was marketing but my interaction with microeconomics made me change my course of study from marketing to economics.
I want to play my role in strengthening the economic situation of my country. I also want to take part in economic progress and industrial development of Saudi Arabia. I have a desire to bring a positive change in the lives of people by finding a formula that can help them balance their income with their expenses. I wish to become the first female minister of finance of Saudi Arabia. I believe that higher education has become an essential part of any individual’s professional success and a country can progress only if its citizens get high quality higher education from the top-class universities of the world.
I am sending this statement of purpose to get admission in the master in economics program being offered by the university. I would be grateful if the authorities accept my application. I am looking forward to hear from you soon.
Please write your name here 07th of October 2011
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