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Analysis of Famous Companies - Case Study Example

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The author concludes that an organization’s mission statement gives direction to the managers. It regulates organizational behavior at all levels. The employees feel a part of the organization especially when they find that the mission is actually implemented and is not merely a slogan …
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Analysis of Famous Companies
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Famous Companies"

Download file to see previous pages Brand awareness, brand positioning, and a positive brand association can enhance customer loyalty thereby increasing the customer base.
2. To meet all the objectives set in the Mission statement poses a challenge to the Bank. Customers’ stand on ethics keeps changing and hence the policy needs to be reviewed from time to time. The Bank would need to first train their staff to ensure that the policy is backed by action. Lack of training may result in poor staff commitment that might even be resistant to constant change. This ultimately slows down the process of meeting targets.
Meeting set targets leads to an increase in costs as resources would be needed to be added – like the increase of staff and equipment. Systems and procedures may also have to be changed which reduces productivity. No publicity is better than negative publicity and the Bank would be under pressure to meet the targets or be prepared to face criticism from the stakeholders. It can even adversely affect the customer base if very high standards and ambitious targets for social responsibility are set.
3. The stakeholders of the Bank include the customers, the employees, the local and national government, the suppliers and the local community. Conflicts are likely amongst the various stakeholders and particularly between the customers and the managers. The loan proposal of a customer could be in direct conflict with the mission. The managers may turn down a loan proposal to set up an Ostrich farm as it is cruel to kill wild animals. The bank staff is merely upholding the values and the ethical stance but the way it is communicated to the customer would require training. If such cases are not handled efficiently, it could result in refusing customers and even negative publicity. 
4. A co-operative is an autonomous association of persons who have voluntarily decided to jointly work towards a common goal where all members have equal rights.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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