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and P facilities using twenty molding machines and twelve different plastic resins. In practice, eight of the twenty molding machines are dedicated to producing five of the parts, leaving the remaining twelve machines to produce the remaining twenty eight parts…
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Operations Management Principles (effective communication)
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General Production Flow for S facility Process Activity Process Stamping - stamping department is virtually a job shop in which any given part may be processed on up to seven different machines, all of which require significant time and expense to convert from producing one part to another.
2. Molding - produces over thirty distinct plastic parts for the T
and P facilities using twenty molding machines and twelve different plastic resins. In practice, eight of the twenty molding machines are dedicated to producing five of the parts, leaving the remaining twelve machines to produce the remaining twenty eight parts. Like the stamping department machines, the molding machines require significant time and expense to convert from one part to another. A further constraint is the availability of molds which are periodically removed from service for maintenance, cleaning, or rebuild.
3. Assembly of Parts - produces sub-assemblies for the T and P facilities
using certain parts from the stamping and molding departments and certain "accessory" parts. The "accessory" parts are small pins, springs, clips, and screws which are actually purchased by the P and T facilities and shipped to the S facility.
4. Delivery of Parts to Port - Transporting of parts to the port
5. Shipping - 90 mins transporting of parts to the the T and P
6. Distribution of Parts - Hauling of Parts to the T and P facilities.
7. Hauling Back of Accessories - Once a day, "accessory" parts are "back-hauled"
from the P and T facilities to the S facility. Read More
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